Indonesia: Flash Flood and Landslides OCHA Situation Report No. 2

Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2006/0002

OCHA Situation Report No. 2
Indonesia - Flash Flood and Landslides
Jember District - East Java Province and
Banjarnegara District - Central Java Province

This report is developed by the Office of the RC/HC in Jakarta - Indonesia and based on information provided by the National Coordinating Board for Disaster Management and IDPs/Refugees (BAKORNAS PBP), Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Provincial Coordinating Board for Disaster Management and IDPs/Refugees (SATKORLAK PBP) of East Java, District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster and IDPs/Refugees (SATLAK PBP) of Jember, SATLAK PBP of Banjarnegara, UNICEF, WFP, US Agency for International Development (USAID), Australia International Aid Agency (AusAID), UN Technical Working Group Indonesia, OXFAM GB Indonesia, Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), and media reports.


Jember District, East Java Province

1. According to Satlak PBP Jember (5 Jan.), 7,781 people have been displaced by the flash floods and landslides that occurred in Jember District on Sunday (1 Jan.). These displaced persons have been temporary sheltered in 43 evacuation sites located in Panti, Sukorambi, Kaliwates, Arjasa, and Patrang Sub-District, as well as in Jember city.

2. According to Satlak PBP Jember (5 Jan.), the distribution of emergency food and non food items in the affected areas is still impeded by road blocks which could be access only by motorcycles.

3. Based on the latest damage assessment undertaken by the District Office of Public Works in Jember, the recent disaster has damaged 437 houses, 3 schools, 16 bridges, 9 dams, 4 units of clean water resources/facilities, 297 hectares of paddy field, and 1.74 km of road.

Banjarnegara District, Central Java

4. The landslides that hit Dusun Gunung Raja in Sijeruk Village of Banjarmangun Sub-District, Banjarnegara District on Thursday, 5 January 2006 has buried 102, out of 184 houses. As of Thursday (5 Jan.) afternoon, 29 people were reported killed, and13 others injured.

5. According to SATLAK PBP Banjarnegara (5 Jan.), the number of displaced people registered is 280 persons, scattered in 4 evacuation sites in Sijeruk Village. Based on the rapid assessment undertaken by the Indonesian Red Cross (4 Jan), the number of displaced persons has been 585. The number of displaced people is still floating since many of the affected people have also moved to stay with their relatives and neighbors in safer areas.

6. The local government has been able to send 4 more excavator and other heavy equipments to speed up the search and evacuation activity. However, the search and evacuation activity has been impeded by the weather condition. On Thursday (5 Jan.) afternoon, the SAR teams had to postpone their activity due to rainfalls.


Jember District, East Java Province

7. The search and evacuation activities still continue by the SAR teams on the ground.

8. SATLAK PBP Jember, together with SATKORLAK PBP East Java and the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) has established 6 public kitchens.

9. The assessment team from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) National Office is still undertaking further assessment. PMI has also provided rice, instant noodles, tarpaulins, hygiene kits, medicines and shovels for evacuation activity.

Banjarnegara District, East Java Province

10. SATLAK PBP Banjarnegara continues to put high priority on search, rescue and evacuation activities and provide basic emergency needs to the affected population.

11. The Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare, the Minister of Social Affairs and Representative of the Ministry of Health visited the affected area in Sijeruk on Thursday (5 Jan.) afternoon. The Ministry of Social Affairs provided 3,000 pieces of sarong, 3,000 blankets, 3,000 man shirts, 1,000 women clothings, 1,000 children clothing, 5 MT of rice, 300 litres of cooking oil, 250 boxes of sardines, sweet soy sauce and chilly sauce, 300 boxes of instant noodles, 2 units of tents, 2 units of public kitchen set. The Ministry of Health has provided 100 body bags, 1 MT of food supplement for babies, and 40 boxes of medicines. The Provincial Government of Central Java also provided emergency items such as food, blankets, plastic sheets, cooking oil, rice, and instant noodles.

12. The Indonesian Red Cross has deployed its trained personnel to strengthen the search and evacuation process, the establishment of public kitchen and also the distribution of emergency items to the affected population. A team has also been deployed to undertake further assessment.


Jember District, East Java Province

13. The U.S. Government, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), will provide USD 50.000 for the flood victims in Jember. This contribution will be made to the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and will be used for provision of emergency kits such as hygiene kits, plastic sheets, jerry cans, cooking utensils, sleeping mats, etc.

14. The Government of Australia, through its international aid agency, AusAID, will provide AUD 200,000 to assist victims of the recent floods and landslides in Jember, East Java Province and Banjarnegara, Central Java Province. The funding, channelled through the International Federation of the Red Cross, will be used to charter helicopters to evacuate the injured, drop emergency aid into inaccessible area and undertake further aerial assessments of the damage. Emergency goods such as medicines, food, tents and hygiene kits will also be purchased and distributed to those whose homes have been destroyed.

15. The assessment mission by WFP and UNICEF to the affected area is still on going.

16. Office of the RC/HC in Jakarta will continue to be in direct contact with SATLAK PBP Jember, pertinent Central Government institutions, UNICEF and WFP assessment team in Jember, NGOs, as well as with the Indonesian Red Cross and to continue monitoring the situation.

Banjarnegara District, Central Java Province

17. The UN Technical Working Group will send Office of the RC/HC, UNDP and UNICEF to undertake joint assessment on Friday (6 Jan.) to Sijeruk Village. OXFAM GB Indonesia will also join the UN team.

18. Office of the RC/HC in Jakarta will continue to be in direct contact with SATLAK PBP Banjarnegara, pertinent government institutions and the Indonesian Red Cross and to continue monitoring the situation.


19. This situation report and a SitMap, together with further information on ongoing emergencies, is also available on ReliefWeb at

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