Indonesia: Explanatory Note for Article 3b on the Cessation of Hostilities Framework Agreement between Govt. Indonesia and GAM

This note is intended as HDC's interpretation of the clauses in the Framework Agreement relating to GAM weapons (Article 3) and provide guidance in the manner to carry out the responsibilities assigned to the HDC in that part of the Agreement.

By this Agreement the GAM has agreed to place its weapons in designates sites according to the time period outlined in Article 3b. These sites will be designated by GAM and their location communicated to HDC.

It is our interpretation that under the agreed upon system, GAM will not be able to move the weapons that have been placed in the designated sites without the consent of HDC. GAM has to comply with the request of HDC to conduct no-notice inspections at any time.

HDC will keep the JSC informed of the results of these visits i.e. that the sites visited contain the weapons place there and whether they continue to remain in the designated sites. Any breach will be communicated to the JSC.

Martin Griffiths
Henry Dunant Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue
Geneva, Switzerland