Indonesia: East Kalimantan hands over tsunami donation for Aceh-Nias

Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief -- The district of Penajam Paser Utara (PPU), East Kalimantan province, on Tuesday officially handed over tsunami and earthquake donation from people of East Kalimantan to Ministry of People's Affair. The Rp 670 million donation will be channeled by the ministry to tsunami and earthquake victim in Aceh and Nias.
On handing over the donation, Deputy of PPU Ikhwan Datu Adam said part of the donation is coming from the district government (Rp 450 million), while the remaining from community donation (Rp 220 million). The donation has been collected since early tsunami until July 15. He added that PPU will continue its fund raising efforts as people in East Kalimantan, especially in PPU district, still pouring their donation.

Off the Rp 670 million donation, according to the Penajam tsunami fund coordinator, Herlambang SST, only Rp 172 million provided in cash and has been deposited to the ministry bank account. The remaining has been spent to provide emergency relief in Aceh and Nias, including to buy one unit of ambulance (Rp 290 million), to support volunteer that has been sent and coordinated by Pesantren Hidayatullah Balikpapan (Rp 200 million), as well as for shipment of clothes donations.

The Ministry of People's Affair in the coming days will received similar donation from another thousands government office that has collected tsunami donation, as the central government has announced that all tsunami donation must be pooled into single account of the ministry. Previously the ministry has set July 18 as the deadline for various government to pool the fund.

The Financial and Development Supervisory Board (BPKP), agency responsible to create the report on tsunami donation, has compiled a list of more than 2,131 government office and agencies, NGOs, political parties, and private sectors that collect tsunami donations in 32 provinces (370 district and cities). © che