Indonesia earthquakes: Final report


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Appeal no. 25/04

Following the end of emergency phases in Alor/Nabire (emergency shelter and non-perishable material support for 4,500 most affected households in the 1st phase; and distribution of essential building materials and basic tools for same number of households in 2nd phase), as reported in the South/Southeast Asia & East Africa Earthquake & Tsunamis Emergency Appeal (No. 28/04); Operations Update no. 55, which was generously covered in cash and kind by international and local donors, the Indonesia: Earthquakes

Emergency Appeal (No. 25/04) is now officially closed.

The capacity building programme for the most vulnerable 100,000 households, as committed for Alor/Nabire under the 3rd phase initiative on disaster risk reduction (prepositioning stocks of emergency material and community awareness or public education on disaster risk reduction measures), will continue using remaining appeal funds. With donor consent and support, the remaining balance under this appeal will be reallocated to the Tsunami Emergency and Recovery Programme 2005 - 2010 for Indonesia under the South/Southeast Asia & East Africa Earthquake & Tsunamis Emergency Appeal (No. 28/04). Henceforth, all updates and progress for Alor/Nabire will be continuously reflected in the corresponding Operations Updates in the Indonesia section under specific objectives. These will be reported together with emergency and recovery activity progress updates on Aceh, North Sumatra and other annual activities across the country - supported by the International Federation.

The financial report attached to this document shows a residual balance of CHF 420,054 (66% of the total emergency appeal income), now being transferred to the Tsunami Emergency and Recovery Programme 2005 - 2010 for Indonesia. The balance is made up of the following donor funds:

Donor Funds (CHF)

- Australian Red Cross 108,675

- Swedish Red Cross 85,000

- Netherlands Red Cross 45,495

- USAID 12,014

- General Appeal-based Donors 168,870

TOTAL 420,054

For further information specifically related to this operation please contact:

- In Indonesia: Irman Rachman, Head of DM Division, Indonesian Red Cross (Palang Merah Indonesia/PMI); email:; Phone: +; Fax: +62.21.799.5188;

- In Indonesia: Latifur Rahman, Disaster Management Delegate, Federation Delegation Indonesia; email:; Phone: +; Fax: +62.21.791.80905;

- In Geneva: Josse Gillijns, Federation Secretariat, Geneva ; email: Phone: +44.22.730.4224

All International Federation assistance seeks to adhere to the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) in Disaster Relief and is committed to the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response (Sphere) in delivering assistance to the most vulnerable.

For longer-term programmes in this or other countries or regions, please refer to the Federation's Annual Appeal. For support to or for further information concerning Federation programmes or operations in this or other countries, or for national society profiles, please also access the Federation's website at

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