Indonesia: Earthquakes and Tsunami – Lombok - Emergency Operation Update MDRID013 Operation Update n°13

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Appeal History

  • 29 July 2018: A 6.4 magnitude earthquake strikes off Lombok, province of West Nusa Tenggara, at 05:47 local time.

  • 31 July: IFRC allocates CHF 211,569 from the Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) to enable PMI to meet the humanitarian needs of 1,000 households (4,000 people).

  • 5 August: A second and stronger earthquake, of 7.0 magnitude and depth of 15km hits Lombok at 19:46 local time.

  • 9 and 18 August: New 5.9 and 6.4 magnitude earthquakes strike Lombok. According to BNPB, the four quakes killed more than 510 people, injured at least 7,100 others, and displaced more than 431,000 people.

_ 21 September: The Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) for Lombok operation is issued. The EPoA was revised in January 2019.

Description of the disaster

Since the first 6.4 magnitude earthquake magnitude earthquake hit Lombok, province of West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, on Sunday 29 July 2018, four further earthquakes and multiple aftershocks have impacted the districts of North Lombok, East Lombok, West Lombok, Central Lombok and Mataram in addition to Bali and Sumbawa islands. According to BNPB reports as of 1 October 2018, the disaster impacts of Lombok Earthquake is as highlighted in the infographics.

The Districts Government affected by the disaster has verified and issued a decree on verification of the number of severe damages that eligible for government house assistance with category of RISHA, RIKO, RIKA. The Government has committed to provide the following cash stimulus for permanent reconstruction to the EQ affected populations:

  1. HHs with destroyed / heavily damaged houses: 50 million rupiah (approximately CHF 3,470) in 3 installments (target 75,138 units across the 7 Districts)
  2. HHs with moderately damaged houses: 25 million rupiah (missing target data);
  3. HHs with lightly damaged houses: 15 million rupiah (missing target data);

Beneficiaries in group-1 (total/heavy damage) above are requested to choose amongst 3 earthquake resistant house design options:

  1. RISHA: design based on a pre-cast concrete block frame;
  2. RIKA: design based on timber frame;
  3. RIKO: design based on RC frame and masonry infill;

PMI continues providing services to the public such as health care, psychosocial support services, safe water distribution, shelters, and distribution of food and non-food Items.