Indonesia: Earthquake West Papua Province OCHA Field Situation Report No. 2

This report is prepared by the UN HC/RC Office in Indonesia based on information provided by Indonesia's National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), the Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disasters (SATKORLAK PB), BMKG (Indonesian National Meteorological Geophysical and Climatology Agency), Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Works and media reports.


1. On 4 January a series of earthquakes struck off the coast of West Papua, with the closest city Manokwari 95 km from the epicentre. According to BMKG the main earthquakes struck at 4:43 am local time, 7.2 on the Richter Scale (RS) at a depth of 10km and at 7:33 am local time, 7.6 on RS at the same depth; followed by over a dozen aftershocks (see map attached).

2. Official data released by SATKORLAK PB of West Papua showed that 4 people died in Manokwari and 1 person in Sorong. Around 250 people are injured and are already treated. More than 800 houses, 34 government buildings, four schools, and 11 places of worship were damaged. Some bridges have minor damages but are passable by vehicle. At this time, there are more than 14,000 IDPs but most have taken refuge to anticipate further earthquakes while some have fled because of damaged houses.

3. Meanwhile according to media reports, as of 20:00 on 4 January, the electricity in Manokwari has been restored. The affected communities continue to stay in emergency tents provided by the local Social Affairs Office (DINSOS) or are temporarily residing in mosques. The Rendani Airport is now functioning normally.

4. According local government officials in Masni Sub-district the five most affected villages are Sumberboga, Warori, Boisubur, Masni and Mancabori. Residents from those communities are currently staying in Kenyem Village. The electricity and telecommunication systems have not been restored in the sub-district. Meanwhile, affected communities in Wosi Sub-district are staying in 30 IDP points.

5. BMKG predicts that aftershocks will continue in the next three to seven days with reduced frequency. BMKG stated that this is natural course of earthquakes and urged communities to stay calm.


1. The President of Indonesia issued an immediate statement at the onset of the disaster and immediately mobilized a response team to Manokwari. BNPB confirmed the team members included: the Minister of Health, Minister of Public Works, Minister of Social Affairs, Minister of Transportation, the Head of BNPB, the Deputy of Emergency Response of BNPB, four medical doctors, two experts from the Vulcanology & Mitigation Unit of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, and two disaster experts from LIPI. The disaster occurred in a remote region of Indonesia and the GOI of has responded effectively with rapid mobilization of aid delivery and response teams to the affected area. At this time, the Government of Indonesia (GoI) has not requested international assistance.

2. According to media reports, the GoI has transported about 12.5 tons of relief aid including food items, medical supplies, tarpaulins, water purification, and generator. The assistance is provided by the Department of Social Affairs, Department of Health, Department of Transportation, Department of Public Works and BNPB. In addition, the national government also provided IDR 1 billion of operation funds to manage the emergency situation in the affected areas. According to the Minister of Social Affairs, the local government is able to distribute some 50 to 100 tons of rice from Logistic Depot (BULOG) to the affected communities. Different government ministries have also offered to provide emergency funding if needed. BNPB confirmed that three helicopters remain on standby to deliver aid from Biak to Manokwari and Sorong.

3. On 4 January, the Crisis Team from the Ministry of Health and the Regional Crisis Centre in Makassar (RCC) confirmed the deployment of a 10 medical staff team to the affected area to set up a field hospital and provide emergency health care.


1. UNDP, UNICEF and ILO conducted a rapid assessment today in the affected area. The UN agencies in Jayapura met today to determine if further support to the local government is required.

2. CRS and HOPE Worldwide are sending assessment teams to the area. Oxfam will also send a 3-persons assessment team (Public Health, Food Security & Livelihoods, and Logistician) to Manokwari.

3. World Vision plans to distribute 100 plastic sheets as a preliminary response in Masni Subdistrict, Manokwari District which is closest to the epicenter.

4. The UN HC/RC Office in Jakarta continues to monitor the situation through direct contact with pertinent government and NGO institutions.

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