Indonesia: Earthquake in Namlea District - Maluku Province OCHA Situation Report No. 1

Ref: OCHA/GVA - 2006/0041
OCHA Situation Report No. 1
Indonesia - Earthquake - Update
Namlea District - Maluku Province

This report is developed by HC/RC Office in Indonesia and based on information provided by the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMG), National Coordinating Board for the Management of Disaster (BAKORNAS PB), Provincial Coordinating Unit for the Management of Disaster (SATKORLAK PB) of Maluku, District Executing Unit for the Management of Disaster (SATLAK) of Buru, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs, UNICEF, ECHO, CARDI, OXFAM GB, MSF-Belgium, CRS, IFRC, Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) and media reports.


1. The recent 6.4 M earthquake and 5 metre tidal wave that occurred in the aftermath of the earthquake has caused two fatalities, and seriously injured one person. One person has been reported as missing.

2. According to the local authorities, the quake also caused heavy damage to houses in Pela Village (116), Batu Jungku Village (54), Waimorot Village (30), Wailawa Village (25), and Waimoly Village (16). It has not been specified whether these damaged houses are easily repaired or still habitable. These villages are located in Bata Bual Sub-District.

3. Local media reported (16 March) that some 1,200 persons from Batu Jungku and Pelang Village of Bata Bual Sub-District fled from their homes to higher/mountainous areas. Pelang villagers fled to a mountainous area that is 5 kilometres from Pelang Village. Meanwhile, Batu Jungku villagers fled to higher ground 2 kilometres from Batu Jungku Village. This information has not been confirmed by local authorities.

4. Bata Bual Sub-District is a coastal area, located approximately 50 kilometres southeast of Namlea City, capital city of Buru District. It can be reached by land (4 hours drive) or by sea (45 minutes) from Namlea.


5. The Governor of Maluku Province visited the affected areas on the day after the earthquake struck (15 Mar). The local government has provided basic emergency assistance (e.g., food, medical supplies, blankets, etc.) to the affected people.

6. The Central Government (BAKORNAS PB, Ministry of Social Affairs, and Ministry of Health) is monitoring the situation through its contacts with local authorities.

7. The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is sending staff to the southern part of Buru Island, as well as to Ambalau Island to assess the impact of the earthquake.


8. The UN RC/HC Office in Jakarta will continue to be in direct contact with the appropriate government and non-governmental institutions, as well as with the Indonesian Red Cross, and will continue to monitor the situation.

9. UNICEF, OXFAM GB, MSF- BELGIUM and CARDI are also continuing to monitor the situation.

10. CRS will send its staff to undertake an assessment in the affected areas during the next week.

11. Unless the situation deteriorates further, OCHA will not issue further situation reports regarding this emergency.


12. This situation report, together with further information on ongoing emergencies, is also available on the OCHA Internet Website at

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