Indonesia: Earthquake Appeal No. 30/02 Operations Update No. 2

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Launched on 18 October 2002, seeking CHF 201,736 (revised budget) for two months for 4,000 beneficiaries)

Period covered: 26 October -07 November 2002

Next Update No.3 expected 30 November 2002


Appeal coverage: 53.2%

Related Appeals: 01/33/02

Outstanding needs: CHF 95,074

Summary: The relief operation to meet emergency needs in the wake of the earthquake in Indonesia's Papua province on 10 October 2002 is being carried out effectively. Continuous donor support, as well as savings in transport and personnel costs, has enabled assistance to be provided in more sectors than originally planned - with a significantly reduced budget. The first phase of the operation is on schedule for completion within the targeted period, by 15 November 2002. Interviews to identify the needs for rehabilitation and door to door surveys to register beneficiaries under the second phase have been carried out. Preparations to initiate the rehabilitation phase are ongoing and expected to commence, end of November, depending on funding. A further update, will be issued shortly thereafter.

Operational Developments

A massive earthquake - 7.6 on the Richter Scale - hit Monkwari district, in the province of Papua on 10 October 2002. It left eight people dead, 632 people injured and devastation in nine different sub-districts: 1,000 homes were severely damaged and 690 homes partially damaged. There was also varying degrees of damage to 14 mosques, 46 churches, 44 office buildings, 21 schools, seven halls, two markets, 30km of road, five bridges and 71 other buildings according to the District Disaster Management Committee, SATLAK. The earthquake was followed by a number of aftershocks over several days.

A Disaster Operations Centre involving the Police Department in Manokwari, the General Hospital, the Health District Office (Dinas Kesehatan), and the military was set up in Manokwari Town on 13 October. After that, a combined government team with health personnel visited the most affected sites at Ransiki (including Rumberpon Island) and Oransbari. As an early response through to 25 October, some 23 metric tonnes (mt) of rice, six packs of tea, one mt of sugar, 340 packs of foodstuffs, 234 tents, 50 sacks of cement and five bales of medicine were delivered to Manokwari, Oransbari and Ransiki sub-districts.

The Indonesian Red Cross - Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) - and the Federation concentrated their assessments on the most affected and remote areas, travelling by boat, land transport and air. While the initial assessment was ongoing, PMI and the Federation targeted assistance to 4,000 beneficiaries (800 families) - with a contingency (subsequently not required) to assist an additional 2,000 people - with plastic sheeting, family kits (containing water container, hygiene items and essential household materials) and basic building tools as well as nails for shelter. Accordingly, an appeal was launched on 18 October 2002.


At the field level, the PMI/Federation team arranged a coordination meeting on 25 October with the District Disaster Management Committee, SATLAK, to review assessment findings, the Red Cross Red Crescent distribution plan/policy and collaboration possibilities, define the roles and responsibilities of local government and other agencies as well as further action.

Relief distributions started on 26 October, in close coordination with local government representatives, community leaders, youth and women group representatives, police and business communities. PMI teams conducted door to door surveys and beneficiary registration. Local government and business communities provided transport, storage and manpower to ensure Red Cross distributions were equitable and effective. Coordination is ongoing with SATLAK and other stakeholders to complete the first phase of the operation as well as set the mode of cooperation for the rehabilitation phase.

Red Cross and Red Crescent action

The objective of the first (relief) phase of the operation is to assist 800 families (4,000 beneficiaries), in the worst affected and most remote places, with non food items, such as plastic sheeting and family kits. Based on the assessment findings and coordination result with SATLAK, PMI carried out the distribution programme in Ransiki sub-district including Rumberpon island, and Oransbari sub-districts.

To date, some 702 families (3,216 beneficiaries) have been assisted in these two sub districts, including Rumberpon. The remaining distribution for one hundred families in Angi is on schedule for completion by the middle of this month.

No. of Family Kits & Plastic Sheeting
No. of Families
No. of Persons
Rumberpon Island

Food Assistance: Yari Yari village was found to be the most affected place in Rumberpon Island, enduring a. one meter high tsunami, which swept across the whole island after the earthquake, with 31 families (149 persons) losing all their belongings. Before 26 October, these families were living on five days dry ration (rice and instant noodles, received from Government) and coconut. A one month food ration has been provided to all these 31 families to replace the missing nutrients before their normal diet is resumed.

Contents of one month ration per family
Instant Noodles
Cooking Oil
Tin Beef (250gm)
Tin Fish (450gm)
Kerosene Oil
Oral Rehydrate Saline (ORS)
50 kg
01 box (40 packs)
04 kg
04 kg
05 ltrs
30 tins
30 tins
04 ltrs.
01 box (100 sachets)

Health Assistance: Due to the poor health conditions on Rumberpon Island (especially in Yari Yari village), health assistance has been provided through transferring patients to referral hospital, tending severely sick patients; promoting health education and providing medicine. A PMI mobile health team is in transit with substantial quantity of required medicine to cover all the isolated places in Rumberpon island.


The appeal budget (attached) has been revised based on the assessment finding and the contingency element of the appeal budget removed since no major damage occurred in the aftermath of the second earthquake in the same region on 18 October. Strong local support, particularly with manpower, storage and transportation, is also reflected in the budget revision. Further, the necessary interviews to identify rehabilitation needs and the door to door survey to register the beneficiaries for the second phase have already been carried out. Preparations to initiate the rehabilitation phase is ongoing and expected to commence by the end of November.

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All International Federation Operations seek to adhere to the Code of Conduct and are committed to the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response (SPHERE Project) in delivering assistance to the most vulnerable.

This operation seeks to administer to the immediate requirements of the victims of this disaster. Subsequent operations to promote sustainable development or longer-term capacity building will require additional support, and these programmes are outlined on the Federation's website.

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