Indonesia: Earthquake and high tide struck Buru island

A tectonic 6.4 richter scale earthquake hit Ambon city and Buru island, Mollucas on Tuesday (14 Maret 2006) evening. 5 aftereffects were recorded at the scale of 5 to 7 MMI and the earthquake happened at the depth of 40-60 kilometers below the sea, 138 kilometers from Ambon city.

10 minutes after the earthquake the sea tide suddenly rose up to 5 meters in height and struck the houses alongside the beach. At least 3 persons were killed from this incident, these people are Amir Rahawarin (40), Wa Ona (6) and Ridwan Lessy (45) all of the are villagers of Batu Jungku village, Batabual sub district, Buru regency. The incident also caused damages to the houses at the coast line area Pelang village 116 houses were severely damaged and in Waemorat village 35 houses were severely damaged, in Waetawa village 61 houses were severely damaged, in Waemoli village 6 houses were severely damaged and in Ilat village 6 houses were also severely damaged. In Namlea city, the villagers are still living in tents that they built on highlands.

Because of this earthquake 1200 people of Batu Jungku and Pelang village displaced as far as 3-5 kilometers from their villages, and still have not able to return to their village because aftereffects still occurred on Thursday, 26 March, at the scale of 3.0 Richter scale. The government had only distributed food aids in form of rice and instant noodles on 16 March 2006 attended by Mollucas Governor and Buru Vice Regent. Other aids are still needed by the IDPs.