Indonesia: Cardi procures 93 boat engines for Aceh Jaya

Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief -- The CARDI/IRC today announce tender for procurement of 95 two-stroke boat engines for fishermen in Aceh Jaya districts. The procurement is part of its efforts to implement Quick Impact Project that could help people generate income as quickly as possible.
''People in Aceh Jaya is familiar with two stroke-engines. They are easier to maintain and repair,'' said Zulvi Novriandi, CARDI/IRC's procurement officer said. ''Despite diesel engines is more fuel efficient, we didn't look for it as the boats is only small boats.''

The engines being procured consist of 53 unit of two-stroke outboard engines (25 HP) and 40 units of tow stroke outboard engines (40 HP). The tender invitation is open until July 15.

Quick Impact Project is part of what CARDI/IRC called as community regeneration, a program to redevelop agricultural sector and fishing industry. The program implemented through providing support for quick impact income generation projects, restoring farm land to productive use, and repairing and refitting the area's fishing fleet.

Apart from community regeneration, as outlined in its long-term Aceh Reconstruction strategy, CARDI/IRC also has another two strategy: rehabilitation of Aceh's health care infrastructure; and provision of psychosocial support to children and the families who care for them.

To help tsunami survivors in Aceh, CARDI/IRC has raised about $21 million: 41 percent from individual donators, 32 percent from corporation and foundation, 19 percent from USAID, and 8 percent from ECHO (European Commission Humanitarian Office).

CARDI/IRC has allocated the fund received as follow: community regeneration 33 percent, emergency response 15 percent, primary healthcare 12 percent, water and sanitation 25 percent, and child protection and education 15 percent. © che