Indonesia: Canadian support to Kecematan Development Project in Aceh and North Sumatra (Kaskedepan)

Planned Project Summary Information

Project number: A-032685-001

Branch: Asia

Country: Indonesia

CIDA's ODA Priorities: 20% Additions To, Maintenance Or Replacement Of Physical Capital Stock; 25% Local Enterprises; 25% Public Sector Competence; 30% Humanitarian Assistance

CIDA's Sectors: 30% Government Administration; 30% Industrial Development; 40% Construction Policy And Administrative Management

Project Approval Date: June 2005

Anticipated Project Duration: 2 years

Estimated Project Value Range: $7.1M

Project Implementation: Grant agreement with the World Bank (WB). $1,1m in small contracts and contributions for technical assistance and project related activities to be identified during the course of the project .

Probable Publication Date on MERX: N/A

Project Description: Improve the governance of communities in Aceh and help rebuild the livelihoods in a sustainable, environmentally sound and gender sensitive manner.

Project Impact: Improved local governance and recovery of sustainable livelihoods by men and women in Kabupaten Pidie and Aceh Jaya.

Project Outcomes:

1. Villagers in KDP locations in Kapubaten Pidie and Aceh Jaya benefit from reconstruction and recovery of socio-economic conditions

2. Villagers in KDP locations in Kapubaten Pidie and Aceh Jaya benefit from improved governance

Project Outputs: Villagers participate in a process to plan, select and manage basic social and economic infrastructure provided through block grants.

Local governments councils use their new skills to fulfil their local governance functions.

Sub-district micro-finance institutions (UPK) have the skills to carry out their credit activities successfully and sustainably.

Project stakeholders use results of Monitoring and Evaluation activities ands studies to improve project performance

Communities in devastated areas recover from the economic shocks caused by natural disasters

Supportive Canadian-financed TA and complementary activities leverage results, particularly in environmental sustainability and gender equity.

Development Officer: Marco Domaschio, (819) 994-3402

Internet Publication Date: July 12, 2005

Last Update: NA (first publication)