Indonesia: BRR seeks donors to help 9 unfunded projects

Banda Aceh, Indonesia-Relief - The Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency for Aceh and Nias (BRR) is seeking donors to support 9 reconstruction projects that have been approved but still lack of funding. Among the projects are rehabilitation of Gunungsitoli Hospital on Nias Island and engineering analysis of infrastructure on Simeulue Island.
"Part of the role of the BRR is to help match projects that address community needs with donor funds. As a first step in the match-making process, BRR is informing donors of several projects that are currently unfunded but which have been approved by the BRR and merit funding from donors," said Head of BRR Kuntoro Mangkusubroto in BRR's weekly update. See table for the list of the unfunded projects.

By BRR approval means that the project has met BRR's minimum guidelines for rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in Aceh and Nias, but in no way does it mean that BRR has conducted a thorough technical assessment of the merits and other aspects of the projects. BRR encourages each funding party to conduct its own due diligence for each project.

BRR said that it recognizes the preliminary nature of this process, and over time, this matching role will evolve to a robust, on-line 'reconstruction marketplace' that will provide more detailed guidance regarding the importance and urgency of the project.

Donors or organization interested in funding one of these projects, could contact for more information. Once an agreement has been reached between the proposing party and the funding party, please contact BRR to update the Agency on the status. © che