Indonesia: BRR to provide list of national tsunami reconstruction projects

Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief -- At last Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency for Aceh and Nias will show that the agency is serious in doing its jobs. Today the agency scheduled to hand over list of its reconstruction projects to Indonesian Ministry of Finance. The ministry will disburse Rp 3.9 trillion ($410 million) Indonesian reconstruction funds based on the document.

Head of BRR Kuntoro Mangkusubroto scheduled to hand over the list, known as DIPA (Daftar Isian Pelaksanaan Anggaran or proposal for implementation budget), to Finance Ministry's Director General of Treasury Mulya Nasution this Friday afternoon at Ulee Lheu Mosque, Banda Aceh. DIPA will be funded by 2005 national budget that has been allocated for Aceh and Nias reconstruction.

Previously, and repeatedly, Kuntoro always complained about the lack of fund to start reconstruction in Aceh and Nias. But he never admitted that one of the problems is on his side: he and his agency hasn't submitted any 'real' plan of action (DIPA) to the government. So far BBR was busy in coordinating reconstruction resources from NGOs and donor countries.

As BRR is 'busy' in coordinating the local and foreign NGOs and agencies in Aceh, the task in creating the detailed action plan has been handled by team from Bappenas (National Planning Agency) that also created the Aceh and Nias blue print. But last week Kuntoro get involved in completing and finalizing the action plan. The DIPA (uncompleted version) can be found at © che