Indonesia: BRR media update - 19 Jun 2005


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Facts and Figures -- 6 Months On

BANDA ACEH, June 19, 2005 -- Almost six months after the tsunami, and six weeks into the operations of the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency (BRR) on the ground, BRR is in the process of gathering the latest information on the aftermath of the tsunami.

Dead and Missing

Based on information received from the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), as of June 18, 2005 the number of bodies that have been retrieved and buried has reached 131,029. The number of missing remains approximately 37,000.

Number of IDPs

The latest information indicates that there are over 500,000 IDPs in Aceh and over 22,000 in Nias. In Aceh, about half of the IDPs (approximately 250,000) are staying in tents, while approximately 150,000 more are in the Government's temporary shelters. The remaining estimated 100,000 are either staying with host families or have started rebuilding their houses. The Director of BRR, Dr. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, has stated that he encourages IDPs to return to their original land, with an understanding of the risks in certain areas, and to come to consensus among the community about the rebuilding of their villages. These village plans can then be proposed to BRR.

Houses Destroyed

According to BRR's Deputy of Housing and Infrastructure, Eddy Purwanto, 116,880 houses were destroyed or damaged in 2,496 villages throughout 17 affected kabupaten (regencies) from a total of 21 regencies and municipalities in Aceh.

Of these houses, 57% were destroyed and 12% sustained major damage. This information is based on a recent report from the Director General of Human Settlement at the Indonesian Public Works Department. The total amount of settlement areas affected by the tsunami amounted to 173,673 hectares, of which 35% were completely destroyed.

Buildings and Infrastructure

According to the Public Works report, below is the damage to public buildings and infrastructure:

Public Buildings (damaged or destroyed)

Health Facilities: 693 hospitals or clinics (of which 66% destroyed) School Buildings: 1,662 schools (of which 46% destroyed) Religious Buildings: 2,580 mosques and mushollas (of which 43% destroyed) Government Buildings: 1,412 buildings (of which 71% destroyed) Markets & Kiosks: 1,416 units (of which 75% destroyed)

Infrastructure (damaged or destroyed) Total roads: 2,617 km

Arterial roads (provincial connecting roads): 603 km (of which 38% destroyed)

City roads: 654 km (of which 28% destroyed)

Local neighborhood roads: 1,360 km (of which 34% destroyed) Bridges: 2,267 bridges (of which 67% destroyed) Water ducts: 7,122 ducts (of which 83% destroyed)