Indonesia: BRR approves $586 million of Aceh-Nias reconstruction projects

Banda Aceh, Indonesia-Relief – Finally, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency for Aceh and Nias provides final approval to concept notes submitted by NGOs and UN agencies. Of the 187 projects reviewed, only 172 were approved, valued at almost $586 million.

On BRR latest weekly update, Head of BRR Kuntor Mangkusubroto said the approval provided after a series of workshops held in Banda Aceh on Thursday. The concept notes reviewed by the relevant BRR deputies in consultation with independent experts in each particular sector, including local representatives, international experts, and Bappeda (local government development planning agency).

The projects were screened for: compliance with general concepts of the master plan and/or local spatial planning or needs assessments; demonstrated community consultation in project design; inclusion of relevant impact assessment, i.e. environmental, supply chain, and community impact assessment.

Of the 172 approved projects, over 60 were given contingent approval, primarily because further coordination with BRR and the local communities is required to prevent duplication and overlap of effort, with the majority of those projects in housing, water and sanitation, and fishery sectors.

BRR will facilitate the immediate execution of these projects, actively working with implementing agencies and local communities to avoid redundancy and wasted resources. For projects that met the urgent needs of the local community, including housing, health, and infrastructure, but lacked funding, the BRR will actively work with the donor community to match projects with funding sources.

The remaining 15 unapproved projects will be sent back to the proponent for further information and clarification, with much of the information required being concrete details regarding the nature of local community input into the project development. BRR has and will continue to require that all projects actively involve the local stakeholders.

Each organization that submitted concept notes will be informed of the status of the project on Monday, June 13, 2005 by courier or e-mail.

With the 8 projects that were previously approved by Kuntoro, valued at $1.2 billion, the total value of the 180 approved projects therefore reaches $1.786 billion. © lan