Indonesia: Alwi Shihab to provide floating clinic for Aceh

News and Press Release
Originally published
Jakarta, Indonesia-Relief -- Alwi Shihab is back. Unheard long enough after 'completing' his duties in coordinating tsunami emergency relief, Alwi Shihab is ready to return to Aceh in the name of his own ministry: Coordinating Ministry of People's Welfare. As a start, his office recently offers tender for procurement of floating medial clinic, ambulances, and 500 units of becak motor.
Closed on June 29, Shihab open three tender simultaneously, all to benefit tsunami survivors in Aceh. First tender is procurement of motorized boats and floating medical clinic. What the office seeking for is boat and floating clinic made of polyethylene and woods.

The second offering is procurement of 500 units of becak motor (bettor, three wheeler taxi). The last tender is for procurement of 23 units of transport ambulances and 7 units of mobile library.

According to the tender announcement, the project will be funded using tsunami donation collected by Shihab office. ©che