Indonesia: AIRO launches first keramba boats in Krueng Raya

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Banda Aceh, Indonesia-Relief -- The US NGO Austin Internatonal Rescue Operations (AIRO) today release its first keramba boats that have been manufactured in its boat workshops in Krueng Raya, near port of Malahayati, Aceh Besar. The launching of the boats used to manage keramba or fishing rig is part of its efforts to revive fishing community in the village.

Equipped with 40 HP engine, as well as another fishing tools, Amy Stroop of AIRO told Indonesia Relief, the boats have been built by local craftsman in a boat making facility that have been restored in Krueng Raya.

Krueng Raya is a 'kemukiman' consist of three villages in subdistrict of Mesjid Raya, Aceh Besar, east of Banda Aceh city. The villages are Meunasah Kulam, Meunasah Mon and Meunasah Keudee.

The boats are keramba boats type, 9 meters length and 2 meters wide boats used to manage keramba (fisihing rigs). People used it to tow small fishing rig to the sea, and to shuttle crews and the daily catch back and forth. Each of the smaller motorized boats service up to four keramba.

Tsunami has destroyed all keramba boats in Krueng raya, rendering the 35 surviving keramba inoperable. After completing the projects, AIRO will moves to another villages to replicate their efforts.

To further help Aceh fishermen, AIRO also cooperates with FAO, Change A Nation, LDS Charities, JIAVE, and Islamic Relief. They have rebuild Lampulo fishing center, as well as provided fund to enable fishermen created their fishing net and repair their boats.

Krureng Raya used to have population of 12,289 people, of which 10,150 people survived from tsunami. So far, only 1,026 confirmed dead, while the remaining 1,113 conssidered as still missing. © che