Indonesia: Acehnese teachers educated in child rights

More than 100 teachers and headmasters from primary schools, secondary schools, and high schools in the Banda Aceh area have participated in a seminar on child rights, sponsored by World Vision.

"Teachers are key players in society. Creating awareness about children's rights through teachers will provide better results," said Gideon Promono, World Vision's Zone Manager for the Aceh Besar District.

The "right to education" seminars drew together 109 teachers from Banda Aceh.

A keynote speaker at the training, Yulianti Umrah reiterated that education isn't only about teaching children to read and write, but also about teaching children values and providing protection. It was important for teachers to have adequate knowledge of issues, and provide children with the opportunity to participate equally rather than use the top-down approach of communication.

"The learning process in the classroom should actively involve the children, including solving problems together."

Most of the participants stated that this was the first time they received education on this issue. They admitted that the course has enriched their knowledge on children, especially on child rights' issues.

"This training brings a lot of benefits. It's very useful," said Nurhayati, a vice-headmaster of a public high school in Lam Priet village, Banda Aceh.

Nurhayati said that the last time she received knowledge on child rights was at university. "But what we received in here is different. We also discussed for instance about the condition of the tsunami affected and conflict affected children," Nurhayati explained.