Indonesia: 45 German companies committed 5 million euros for Aceh

Banda Aceh, Indonesia-Relief -- The IndoGerm-Direct, an alliance of 45 German companies, committed to provide 5 million euros for post-tsunami rehabilitation and reconstruction projects in Aceh. Currently, 3.5 million Euros has been disbursed to finance reconstruction of three vocational school (SMK I, II, and III) in Banda Aceh.
''About 3.5 million euros has been disbursed to build vocational schools in Aceh,'' said Dany Jozal, president of PT BASF Indonesia, an affiliated company of BASF AG, as quoted by Bisnis Indonesia daily last week. BASF Indonesia is among the companies that initiate the creation of IndoGerm-Direct (Indonesian German Disaster Relief Committee), along with German-Indonesian Circle and Indonesia-German Economic Association (Ekonid).

The 3.5 million euros project signed by Danny Jozal last Monday to mark the start of new school year in Banda Aceh with Head of Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency for Aceh and Nias Kuntoro Mangkusubroto. During the signing ceremony, Jozal said a lot of German individual also contributed to the projects. The ceremony also attended by CEO of PT Siemens Indonesia Juergen D Lagleder and Dieter Collman, represtative of Komrowski Group, Hamburg.

The rehabilitation of the schools will cover construction of new buildings; reequip the school laboratory; and providing school furniture and student books. The fund will also be used to build new dormitory to accommodate 300 student and tsunami orphan, 40 teachers, kitchen, and teachers training centre.

''Government of Germany, through German Development Bank (KfW), also support this projects by providing additional 2 million euros that being used to prepare the school location and construction of the school building foundation,'' said Jozal, referring to preparation that have been done since May to raise the school land level to hinder it from being drowned by flood. He said the preparation work need about 35,000 meter cubic of soil.

For the long term sustainability of the schools, the German government has committed to put the schools as part of its technical cooperation projects that will be facilitated by GTZ. Among the long term plan are training of the teachers as well as development of curriculum. © che