Indonesia: 11th and 12th medical relief teams carried on the work at PMI-SRC clinic in Meulaboh

The 11th medical relief team from Singapore Red Cross (SRC) treated about 100 patients a day at the PMI-SRC clinic in the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) Camp in Meulaboh. They returned from Indonesia on 26 May 2005 via Silkair MI 233.

Mdm Sharifah Rukiah bte Syed Sagoff, 63, a retired nurse from Singapore General Hospital, said with much gusto, "We don't realise how privileged we are in Singapore. We take things for granted, like turning on the water tap. Over there, people have to queue up to get buckets of water daily."

With Mdm Sharifah on the team were Ms Juliana bte Jaffar, 30, a First Aider, and Mr Mohamed Razali bin Hashim, 26, a medic. They continued the work at the revamped clinic, a basic healthcare facility set up by Palang Merah Indonesia and Singapore Red Cross. Termed as "Klinik Harapan" (Hope Clinic), it provides medical aid to the many villagers in the community.

This team carried out a preliminary study on the profile of the patients for Klinik Harapan. Whilst nearly a third had upper respiratory tract infection (common cold), 17.5% suffered from dermatitis, an inflammation of the skin evidenced by itching, redness and various skin lesions, which could be caused by the water condition. About 12.0% were afflicted with dyspepsia, an indigestion characterised by abdominal discomfort, eructation, heartburn, nausea or vomiting.

On the 12th team to take over the baton were Mdm Foo Seck Haip, 48, a First Aider, and Mr Mohamad Azemi bin Omar, staff of SRC. They carried on the work from 25 May 2005, treating the numerous patients who thronged the clinic everyday.

To build rapport among the various relief organisations, Mr Sahari bin Ani, the Liaison Officer from SRC, and Mr Mohamad Azemi began to organise recreational activities. Soccer games between the medical and the psychosocial teams helped to promote interaction and bonding between PMI and the other NGOs and hospitals.