Hundreds evacuated as Tangerang floodwaters rise

Multa Fidrus, The Jakarta Post, Tangerang | Wed, 04/04/2012 4:32

Tangerang Disaster Mitigation (Tagana) teams evacuated hundreds of residents from their homes in the Ciledug Indah housing complex in Ciledug district after floodwaters inundated the area on Wednesday. Temporary shelters inside government offices and mosques were set up to house the evacuees.

But some residents refused to leave their homes, citing security concerns. They also said that it would be tiresome to walk between their homes and the shelters to check on their houses.

“I prefer to stay at home because it is unsafe to leave home,” local man Dedi Safe’i told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

While waiting for the water to subside, Dedi said he and his family would stay on the second floor of their house.

Another resident, Fahmi, also refused to be evacuated by the rescue team.

“I am not going to leave my home. I am worried about thieves who may take advantage of the situation,” he said. Many vehicles belonging to residents were also trapped in the flood because the owners did not have a chance to move them to a higher place.

Water of up to 50-centimeters-deep began to inundate the housing complex on Tuesday. By Wednesday morning, the water reached up to two meters in some parts of the complex. (swd)