Humanity First International Situation Report – Report No. 001 7.4M Earthquake Sulawesi, Indonesia 30.09.2018

from Humanity First International
Published on 30 Sep 2018


  • 7.4M earthquake

  • 28th September 2018, (17:02)

  • Tsunami triggered

  • 1,536,367 potentially affected

  • 832 reported fatalities

  • 16,732 displaced people

  • 540 reported injuries

Humanity First has been working with local authorities since the Asian Tsunami of 2004 and is regularly active in relief work across Indonesia, more recently Humanity First has assisted in the Lombok Earthquake relief efforts. Currently our assessment team is on the ground in Indonesia en-route to Sulawesi Island.


  • Power remains out in areas around Palu,

  • Unstable communication is causing delays in gathering information to complete assessment

  • Palu airport damaged but open only to emergency, SAR and humanitarian flights

  • Access is limited due to landslides & damaged road infrastructure