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Humanitarian Coordinator's Situation Report - East Timor Crisis 30 Nov 1999

Situation Report
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General: While the pace of returning refugees from East Timor continues, no marked increase has occurred since the 22 November agreement. In the first fatal casualty in INTERFET, a New Zealand soldier died in a road accident in Suai today.
Returns: In Suai, IOM convoys returned 508 persons through Fatomean and 303 through Salele. At Batugade, 266 returnees crossed in organised convoys and subsequently moved to Maliana (41), Atabe (19), Balibo (20), Batugade environs (2), and Dili (184). In secondary movements, 11 persons were moved from Dili to Aileu and 56 from Batugade to Dili. At the Don Bosco transit centre in Dili, 719 returnees await secondary movement to their home destinations.

With today's movements, total repatriations now number 110,023 persons, comprising 68,775 in organised movements (62 percent) and 41,248 in spontaneous movements (38 percent).

Oekussi: Late last week, spontaneous returns slowed following tension with Indonesian authorities over the detention by UNTAET at Bobameto of persons with suspected militia affiliations. Today, 64 returnees crossed at Bobameto in an IOM-convoy. Fifteen returnees crossed spontaneously at Wini, and 20 at Aplal. At Citrana, in the first organised convoy, 79 persons returned and a further 500 are expected to cross tomorrow.

Dili Food Distribution: During the past four days, WFP and four NGOs distributed 1,470 MTs of rice to 138,328 persons in the Dili area. Beneficiaries received 10 kilograms of rice. Distributed through 40 sites and based on CNRT registrations, the operation validated the use of CNRT local site managers for future distributions. In an ongoing distribution expected to conclude on 2 December, approximately 190 MTs of beans and vegetable oils are being issued.

Logistics: The WFP helicopter delivered approximately 30 MTs of rice to remote locations in Bobonaro district. In a special flight, the helicopter later returned the body of a Dili vehicle accident victim to Viqueque for burial, together with 15 mourning family members. A land convoy carried 20 MTs of food and non-food items to Maliana, while a second convoy carried 30 MTs of food, fuel and medical supplies to Baucau. An UNICEF-chartered vessel is currently off-loading cement, educational material and hygiene kits.

Mission of European Commission: The European Union Commissioner, Mr. Poul Nielson, arrived in Dili following a visit to Atambua. Mr. Nielson is accompanied by five EU officials including the Head of the South and South East Asia Unit, Mr. Jonathan Scheele, Head of Humanitarian Aid to Asia Unit, Ms. Ruth Albuquerque and H. E. Mr. Klauspeter Schmallenbach, Head of Representation, Indonesia. The Commissioner and his team met with the heads of UN Agencies tonight and will travel tomorrow to Baucau, Los Palos and Suai in addition to meeting with ECHO partners.

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