The government sends humanitarian relief to Indonesia

The government stands ready to send humanitarian aid worth EUR 160 000 to Indonesia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Disaster Management Policy Emel Etem announced at the opening of the working meeting of the Association of Danube River Municipalities in the Danube town of Lom.

The Bulgarian government expressed its desire to lend assistance through the EU Monitoring and Information Centre. The aid will be used to cover the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake, claiming the lives of over 5000 victims and causing heavy damages to Java island.

We can help the people in need by sending 50 tents, 1500 blankets, 50 camp beds and medicines. To avert epidemics in the most affected region, the shipment also includes antibiotics, disinfectants, bandages, etc.

Deputy Prime Minister Emel Etem sent the Indonesian government a letter of condolence expressing sympathy on behalf of the Bulgarian government and society with the victims of the tragic disaster on Java island.