GIEWS Country Briefs: Indonesia 15-April-2011

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Prospects for 2011 main season paddy harvest are favourable

  • Rice prices have been soaring in last months
  • Food security situation is generally good

Prospects for 2011 main season paddy harvest, following the record production in 2010, are favourable Currently the main season paddy and maize crops are growing under normal to above normal rainfall conditions. The prospects for the harvests which will begin next month are considered favourable. Wet season paddy crop in Indonesia accounts for almost 95 percent of the annual production coming from about 90 percent of the area harvested.

In 2010, with bumper harvests of paddy from the main (wet) season in March-June and smaller secondary harvest in November-December, the annual production is officially estimated at a record level of 66.4 million tonnes, slightly above the 2009 previous record output. In spite of the good national crop outlook, however, regional anomalies existed due to floods which caused serious damage in Lampung, southeast on the Island of Sumatra in February and a prolonged drought in NTT (Nusa Tenaggara Timur) in the east-central Island which devastated crops.

The maize crop production for 2010 is also estimated at another record level of about 18.4 million tonnes. The 2009 maize production was also estimated at a bumper level of 17.6 million tonnes. With this output the country now is a net exporter of maize but one of the biggest importers of wheat. Wheat is not produced in the country; hence, forecast amount for 2010/11 is set at about 5.5 million tonnes, slightly above the level year before. The annual cereal imports have picked up for the last two years after a steady decline during the previous three years.