GIEWS Country Brief Indonesia 25-March-2021

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• Favourable production prospects for 2021 main paddy and maize crops

• Below-average paddy output obtained in 2020

• Cereal imports in 2020/21 forecast below five-year average

• Prices of rice increased between January and April 2020, and decreased since then

Favourable production prospects for 2021 main paddy and maize crops

Harvesting of the 2021 main (first) paddy crop, accounting for about 55 percent of the annual production, is ongoing and will conclude in June. The November-March monsoon season was characterized by a timely onset and average to above-average precipitation amounts in most parts of the country. The favourable rainy season supported planting operations and benefitted crop development especially in most main producing areas of Java and Sulawesi islands. The area harvested from January to April 2021 is officially forecast at 4.9 million hectares up 27 percent from January-April 2020, aided by incentives by the Government to support paddy production, including distribution of subsidized seeds and fertilizers. As of late February, remote sensing data indicates satisfactory vegetation conditions in most of the country (see ASI map), inferring generally favourable yield prospects for the paddy crop. Crop conditions in parts of South Sumatra and Lampung Province and in northern areas of West Java Province are below average due to dry weather in November-December 2020. Localized crop damages in South Kalimantan were caused by floods due to heavy rains last January. The 2021 mostly irrigated second crop, accounting for about 30 percent of the annual production, will be planted from April. Irrigation water availabilities are reported to be adequate.

Harvesting of the 2021 main maize crop will be completed in March and production prospects are favourable. The area planted is estimated to be close to last year’s above-average level, while favourable weather conditions benefited yields. The 2021 off-season maize crop, for harvest from July, will be planted in April/May.