Form 2 - Situation Update No. 9: Aceh Pidie Jaya Earthquake, Saturday, 19 December 2016 13:00 hrs (UTC+7)

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  • 95 aftershocks were reported since 7 December 2016. However, there was no aftershock on 18 December.

  • As of 18 December, the death toll is 103 people where 100 people have been identified.

  • A total of 19,130 houses were reportedly damaged and 91,267 people were displaced.

  • ERAT Team continues to conduct the assessment with the local government and compile the table of donation and assistance.


A 6.5 M Earthquake shook Sigli City, Aceh Province, Indonesia at 05:03 (UTC +7) with a shallow depth of 10 km. No Tsunami warning was issued. The earthquake was felt strongly in Pidie, Pidie Jaya and the surrounding districts. Based on the National Statistics Bureau (BPS), the total population in Pidie District is around 425,974 while in Pidie Jaya District, it is 151,472. Based on the record of the ASEAN Disaster Information Network (ADINet), the area had been affected by earthquakes in the past. The most recent was in October 2013, when a 5.6 M earthquake shook Pidie District.

As reported by the BNPB, the death toll is now 104 people (as of 18 December) with 100 identified bodies. The total evacuee number is 91,267 people where 85,256 are from Pidie Jaya, 1,716 from Biereun and 4,295 from Pidie District. Four sub-districts in Pidie Jaya, i.e. Bandar Baru, Trienggadeng, Meureudu, and Ulim, having even more than 10,000 evacuees. In align to that, 19,130 houses were reportedly damaged where 17,673 of it are in Pidie Jaya. A total of 387 people are still staying at the hospitals in Pidie, Pidie Jaya and Biereun for medical treatment due to injuries.

The Emergency Response period will end by 20 December 2016.