Floods submerge villages in NTB, Jambi

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Panca Nugraha and Jon Afrizal, The Jakarta Post, Mataram/Jambi | Archipelago | Thu, December 27 2012, 10:38 AM

At least 500 hectares of rice fields in two districts in Dompu regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), are at risk of failure due to floods.

The floods that hit Dompu on Dec. 24 are still covering rice fields in four districts of Dompu and six villages in Woja as of Wednesday.

Regency spokesman Abdul Sahid said the floods from Monday were caused by the Sori Silo, Na’e and Laju rivers overflowing their banks.

The administration has recorded around 2,300 submerged homes.

“The affected houses are located along the riverbanks, but the water had subsided as of Monday evening. Around 500 hectares of rice fields are at risk of failure as they are still deluged by floodwater,” he said.

The regency, through the social services office, has delivered relief food supplies to 10 affected villages.

NTB Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) head Bachruddin said his office had delivered clothes and a ton of rice to Dompu to be distributed to flood victims.

“So far, there is no report of casualties. Residents have returned to their homes as the floods have subsided,” he said.

Dompu was included in the flood-prone map of NTB, along with from North Lombok, East Lombok and Sumbawa. Bima Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysical station head Catur Winarti said his office recorded 50 millimeters of rainfall over the past two days in Dompu and Bima.

The station spread warnings through text messages to hamlet heads in coastal areas and agricultural field officers in Dompu and Bima.

Meanwhile, in Jambi, massive floods hit four districts in Bungo regency on Tuesday.

As of now, around 2,000 homes have been flooded by the overflowing Batang Bungo River.

The four affected districts are Bathin III Ulu, Rantau Pandan, Pasar Muara Bungo. Worst hit is Muko-Muko Bathin VII district.

“The worst damage was at Bidaro hamlet because it has the most dense population. Around 500 homes were engulfed by floods,” Muko-Muko Bathin VII district head Zamroni told The Jakarta Post on Wednesday.

Zamroni said the flood level reached up to 2.5 meters, completely submerging the houses and leaving only their rooftops visible.