Floods in North, East and Central Aceh & North Sumatra: UNORC Field Situation Report 09 Feb 2007

This report is based on information received from local government authorities, UN/NGO teams in relevant locations and the media reporting.

General Situation

The United Nations is responding to the request by the Government of Indonesia to coordinate emergency relief to the North, East, Central Aceh regions that have been affected by widespread floods since 22 December 2006. Seven weeks since the floods, roughly 50,000 remain displaced in Aceh Tamiang district. Clearing of mud and debris left by the floods is still ongoing. Most of the affected areas are now accessible by road, in exception of a few villages in Aceh Tamiang and Bener Meriah. The international community continues its support by providing relief and recovery assistance. The focus of the response has now shifted towards identifying outstanding needs and planning for the restoration of houses, infrastructure and livelihoods while ensuring that those who are still temporarily (or permanently) displaced continue receiving necessary aid

International and National Response for the December Floods

The number of beneficiaries for the second round of WFP food distribution has decreased to 188,006 from the initial 295,539. The adjustment has been made based on the reporting by the Camats from 12 sub-districts in Aceh Tamiang. As of 6 February 2007, 544.970 MT of rice (72% of the total allocation) have been distributed to the flood victims in Aceh Tamiang. Distributions are expected to be completed by 10 February 2007. IFRC continues to facilitate six M6 trucks for WFP / Safe the Children food distribution.

IOM facilitated water trucking for UNICEF and logistically supported the distribution of food and non food items for various NGOs and UN agencies. Give the ongoing needs; IOM is extending its logistics support in Aceh Tamiang for another month, until 9 March. To support water supply in Tenggulun sub-district, IOM has allocated three trucks, replacing HELP EV trucks.

As reported in previous report, Saudi Arabian relief items arrived in Medan two weeks ago, consisting of 1,500 tents, 3,000 blankets, 3,000 sleeping bags and 6,250 carpets for mosques. These relief items have finally been cleared from customs in Medan and IOM facilitated transportation of these items to the flood affected areas. The Government of Aceh Tamiang has received 250 family tents, 900 carpets for mosques, 500 blankets and 500 sleeping bags. Based on the needs at village level, SATLAK and the UNORC Flood Response team are currently coordinating the distribution of these items.

1,600 UNFPA tents have arrived in Banda Aceh. The Aceh Tamiang district government has requested 1,000 tents and Bener Meriah has requested 200. BRR is requesting detailed distribution plans and beneficiary lists for these tents to be released.

Aceh Tamiang

Internet Provider Air Putih-IndosatM2 has ended its free service in Kuala Simpang. To ensure the connectivity in support of the organizations operating in the area, UNORC, in cooperation with local government, will make wireless internet access available.


The Government of Aceh Tamiang has yet to develop an action plan for replacement of permanent houses destroyed by the flooding. The Camat's of Sekerak and Tamiang Hulu informed UNORC that relocation sites have identified in the two sub-districts.

UNICEF, in collaboration with Ibu for Aceh, GAA, CWS, IOM, OXFAM / APF and PU Jakarta / PDAM Tamiang, continues water trucking to IDP camps throughout Aceh Tamiang. Total delivery per days is 292,000 litres. Two UNICEF sludge trucks for cleaning of wells and mud covered public buildings have arrived from Aceh Besar.

In recent weeks GAA cleaned 53 wells in Sukamaju, Sumber Rejo, Adil Makmur I, Adil Makmur II and Sungai Rambe with more wells to be cleaned in the near future. According to GAA, Yayasan Mawaddah is planning to provide boreholes in Tenggulun sub-district. GAA inquires if any agency can provide 100 latrine slabs for latrine construction in Tenggulun.

OXFAM, in collaboration with the Aceh People's Forum (APF), is working in 10 villages in the sub-districts of Kuala Simpang, Rantau and Tenggulun. Their activities consist of water trucking (22,000 litres per day to be continued until 16 February), installation of water bladders, construction of 63 emergency latrines in Kuala Simpang and Rantau and well cleaning. In addition OXFAM is conducting health and hygiene awareness / promotion training in cooperation with local health centres.

A total of 77 water distribution points are currently being served by 18 water trucks to supply clean water to flood affected populations.

CARDI continues well cleaning in Kota Kuala Simpang and Karang Baru. If funding can be secured, CARDI is likely to extend its hygiene promotion, well cleaning and other WATSAN activities for 3 months.

CWS well cleaning and water distribution is ongoing in Rantau Bintang, Babo, Cempa and Pengidam villages, Bandar Pusaka sub district.

The district health department of Aceh Tamiang distributed chlorine for community wells in areas which were not affected by the flooding. In flood affected areas, the district health department has carried out well cleaning through Puskesmas staff.

Food and NFI Distributions / Other activities

JRS (Jesuit Refugees Services) will conduct a need assessment in Sekerak and Tamiang Hulu sub-districts. UNORC advised them to focus the assessment in view of potential provision of cleaning equipment and livelihood intervention.

Aiming to discuss possible FFW programs, on 9 February UNORC facilitated a meeting between all 12 Camats (sub district heads) of Aceh Tamiang and Safe the Children. The attending Camats assured they will collect accurate data on affected households in order to enable WFP and Safe the Children to implement FFW projects in affected sub-districts.

Central Aceh (Bener Meriah / Gayo Loes / Aceh Tengah)

Coordination Mechanism

The joint secretariat for flood response in the central highlands has moved from Bener Meriah to Takengon, where the newly elected Bupati provides temporary office space. The next flood response meeting will be combined with the general Central Highland coordination meeting.

General Situation

In Aceh Tengah, the sub-districts of Linge and Bintang have been affected by the floods. In the past week UNORC conducted a road assessment to Jamat and Kute Reje village in Linge. Some roads and bridges have been damaged by the flooding and need repair and maintenance, but both villages remain accessible by 4x4 drive and motorbikes. In the area, UNORC identified the need for cleaning of arable land, rehabilitation of irrigation systems and supply of seeds, fertilizer and other agricultural inputs and tools.

A consolidated list indicating damaged infrastructure in the central highlands is available from the UNORC Flood Response Team in Takengon.

Food and NFI Distributions / Other activities

IOM, in collaboration with local NGOs Balai Syura and Smala, distributed baby food, drinking water, cooking oil, ropes and jerry cans to 27 villages in Permata sub-district, Bener Meriah. Additionally, 3 tents were delivered to Kepius village in Permata sub-district. In Linge sub-district, IOM distributed baby food and drinking water to 3 villages.

On February 8, IOM finished its floods-related activities in the central highlands. They can however be approached if there is further need for logistics support.

Pidie Flooding

PDAM has provided new pumps for the damaged water treatment plant in Keude Pantai Raja. According to GAA and UNICEF, further measures have to be undertaken to prevent damage from future flooding. UNORC provided UNICEF with a list of school furniture and teaching material that were lost to the floods at the Cubo School.

The UNORC Situation Reports & administrative maps on the affected regions are available from ReliefWeb Map Centre

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