Floods Emergency Situation Report in DKI Jakarta Province #2, 18 January 2013

from World Health Organization
Published on 18 Jan 2013 View Original


  • The Center for Health Crisis of Ministry of Health (CHC/MOH) reported the flood situation in DKI Jakarta Province, as following:

    1. On Tuesday, 15 January 2013 at 04.00 Western Indonesia Time (UTC+7), the flood has started to occur in DKI Jakarta Province, affected 53 villages in 19 Sub-districts in 4 administrative cities, as following:

A. South Jakarta Administrative City - 21 villages in 8 sub-districts were affected by the flood

B. East Jakarta Administrative City - 20 villages in 5 sub-districts were affected by the flood

C. West Jakarta Administrative City - 6 villages in 3 sub-districts were affected by the flood

D. North Jakarta Administrative City - 4 villages in 2 sub-districts were affected by flood

E. Central Jakarta Administrative City - 2 villages in 1 sub-district were affected by the flood

  • On 17 January 2013 at 16.00 Western Indonesian Time (UTC+7), The CHC/MoH reported 5 persons died, 10 people were affected by serious illness, 3,899 people were treated for minor illness, 20,813 people were displaced, and 4 health facilities were inundated.

  • The MOH deployed 14 personnel from CHC and CDC (Centre for Disease Control) to conduct monitoring and RHA (Rapid Health Assessment) in 5 DHOs (District Health Office);

  • The MOH distributed aid relief in kind of:

  • 150 folding bed and 15 personal kits for Regional CHC of DKI Jakarta;

  • Prepared 2 rubber boat for standby in the MOH Office;

  • Distributed 10 tons of fortified biscuit to East Jakarta DHO

  • Distributed 2 set of emergency kit, 60 bottles of water purifier, 2 backdrops, and 2 packages of medicine

  • The DKI Jakarta PHO evacuated the victim, set up 24 hours standby community health center, prepared medical equipment and medicine logistic, and set up 64 health posts in evacuation sites that treated 2,914 patients, with following details;

a. Central Jakarta Administrative City: 2 health posts with 123 patients

b. South Jakarta Administrative City: 14 health posts with 266 patients

c. West Jakarta Administrative City: 10 health posts with 363 patients

d. North Jakarta Administrative City: 2 health posts with 275 patients

e. East Jakarta Administrative City: 20 health posts with 1,887 patients

  • The North Jakarta DHO provided mobile health services in Kapuk Muara Village, Penjaringan Sub-district;

  • The urgent aid relief that are requested by the CHC/MOH for IDPs, including: emergency tent, boots, hygiene kit, cajuput oil, water purifier, and polybag. Meanwhile for the field staffs, the CHC/MOH requested for rain coat and personal kit.

  • The MOH will set up 4 health post tents ( 2 tents in West Jakarta Administrative City and the others in South Jakarta Administrative City) and coordinate with the Indonesian Doctor Association Board Members (PB IDI) to provide medical staffs in the health posts;

  • The Technical Environmental Health Main Station (BBTKL) of Ministry of Health will conduct water quality test;

  • The Maternal Health Directorate (Dir BKI) will distribute 1,400 hygiene kit, 150 package of Maternal Care kits, 150 Delivery/Labor Care Kit, and 150 Infant kit;

  • Directorate General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) will prepare logistic relief for DKI Jakarta PHO, include: 120 kg of water purification chlorine, 1,000 polybags, 3 packs of fly repellent, 208 sachets of mosquito repellent, 88 bottles of water purification liquid, 4 packs of disinfectant liquid, 100 boxes of oral rehydration salts solution, 100 boxes of zinc, 5 sets of emergency kits, 12 pairs of long hand glove, 24 pairs of short hand glove, 5 box of leptospirosis diagnosis kit, 2 package of medicine, 10 units of zoonosis banners, and 50 exemplars of diarrhoea information kit

  • The MOH, DKI Jakarta PHO, P2PL, and CHC/MOH are monitoring the situation closely.