Evaluation of Indonesia WFP Country Strategic Plan 2017-2020, October 2020


Executive Summary


Evaluation features

  1. The Indonesia country strategic plan (CSP) evaluation was conducted between June 2019 and May 2020. In order to assess strategic and operational continuity, the evaluation covers WFP activities implemented from January 2016 to June 2019, assessing both the earlier Indonesia country programme (CP) (2016) and the CSP for 2017–2020. Through four main questions it assesses WFP’s strategic positioning and the extent to which WFP has made the strategic shift expected under the CSP; the CSP’s contribution to strategic outcomes; how efficiently the CSP was implemented; and the factors explaining WFP performance. This follows a country portfolio evaluation completed in 2014.

  2. The evaluation was timed to provide evidence and lessons to inform the development of the next WFP CSP in Indonesia. The main users for this evaluation are the WFP Indonesia country office, the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, WFP headquarters technical divisions, the Government of Indonesia and other partners.

  3. An independent external team undertook the evaluation using mixed methods, drawing on monitoring data, document review and semi-structured interviews with over 200 stakeholders at the national and local levels. Data collection, analysis and triangulation were carefully conducted to ensure the validity of findings and attention to confidentiality, gender and ethical considerations. The evaluation experienced some limitations in assessing the outcome of WFP capacity-strengthening activities due to gaps in indicators and data and high turnover of stakeholders.