Emergency response on volcanic eruption and pyroclastic flow of Mount Semeru - Sitrep Number 02 [EN/ID]

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• The Regent of Lumajang through the Decree Number 188.45/525/427.12/2021, stated the Emergency Response Status for 30 Days from 04 December 2021 to 03 January 2022.

• All affected villages in Pronojiwo District can be accessed except the Northside of Kobokan Curah Village or accessible from the Lumajang side.

• Based on data from the Disaster Management Operations Control Center (Pusdalops),
BNPB collected from December 5, 2021, at 07:00 WIB to December 6, 2021, at 07.00 WIB, was reported:

1. December 5, 2021:

(a) At 15.10 WIB, the Mount Semeru Observation Post on Mount Sawur stated that there was a pyroclastic flow heading to Besuk Kobokan and the visual of the mountain was covered by fog and volcanic ash with the smell of sulphur.

(b) At 15.30 WIB, the local disaster management (BPBD) team headed to the Candipuro-Pronojiwo to monitor and conduct the evacuation process.

2. Affected Areas:

(a) District of Pronojiwo: Village of Supiturang, Village of Curah Kobokan, Village of Sumber Urip, Village of Oro-Oro Ombo

(b) District of Candipuro: Village of Sumberwuluh, Village of Sumbermujur

(c) District of Ampelgading: Village of Argoyuwono

(d) District of Tirtoyudo: Village of Purwodadi, Village of Gadungsari

(e) District of Pagelaran: Village of Clumprit

(f) District of Wajak: Village of Bambang

(g) District of Kepanjen: Village of Panggungrejo, Village of Mojosari

(h) District of Dampit: Village of Dampit

(i) District of Bantur: Village of Bantur, Village of Rejosari

(j) District of Turen: Village of Talok

3. Affected populations:

(a) Total 5,205 people with 2,004 fled to evacuation posts

(b) 22 people died (still in data verification)

(c) 27 are still missing (still in data verification)

(d) 41 people with burned injured at the Penanggal Community Health Centre (the severe ones were referred to Haryoto Hospital, Bhayangkara Hospital, and Pasiriyan Hospital.

(e) 7 people are being treated at the Candipuro Community Health Centre

(f) 10 people being treated at the Penanggal Community Health Centre

(g) 2 Pregnant Women at the Penanggal Community Health Centre

4. Affected buildings:

(a) Education facilities:

1). SDN Supiturang 1,2,3,4

2). SMP Nusantara

3). SMPN 5 Candipuro

4). SMPN 2 Candipuro

5). TK Roudlotul Mustofa 02

6). SDN Sumberwuluh 02

7). TK Dharma Wanita Sumberwuluh 02

8). TK Dharma Wanita Sumberwuluh 03

9). TK Miftahul Ulum Sumber Kajar

10). KB Kartini

11). TK Muslimat NU

12). TK Dharma Wanita