CWS/ERP Emergency Appeal: Indonesia (Tamiang, Sumatra) floods

Appeal #6986

Appeal amount: $228,960

SITUATION: Massive floods following torrential rains during the final weeks of December 2006 devastated Langkat District in Indonesia's NorthSumatraProvinceas well as several districts in AcehProvince.

One of the worst affected areas, which accounts for a large proportion of those affected and displaced, is Aceh Tamiang District. According to data from the local government disaster response co-ordination office in the Aceh Tamiang District, a total of 200,000 people in 12 sub-districts (Karang Baru, Kota Kuala Simpang, Kejuruan Muda, Rantau, Tamiang Hulu, Manyak Payed, Bendahara, Seruway, Sekerak, Tenggulun, Bandar Pusaka and Banda Mulia) had been affected by the flooding. The number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) earlier this year stood at 53,116 people (12,337 households) dispersed in 178 temporary shelters / settlements.

At least 24 were killed in the flooding.

The floods washed away 2,264 houses and severely damaged another 7,245, with 14,078 houses lightly damaged. One-hundred fifty three schools (98 primary schools, 36 junior high schools and 19 high schools) were damaged, as were around 15,749 hectares of rice fields and 1,940 hectares of horticulture plantations. Sixty mosques, 491 kilometers of roadway and 1,348 bridges in all 12 sub-districts were heavily damaged.

Church World Service Indonesia (CWSI) and two of its partners and fellow members of the Action by Churches Together (ACT) International alliance, Yakkum Emergency Aid (YEU) and Yayasan Tanggul Bencana di Indonesia (YTBI), received $50,000 from the ACT Rapid Response Fund to provide the most urgent relief items in the first weeks following the disaster. CWS has also received a $60,000 pledge from Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) for longer-term water and sanitation and shelter programs.

BACKGROUND: To date, CWS has distributed various non-food items (1,000 blankets, 1,000 hygiene kits, 896 baby kits and 1,000 school kits) as well as tools such as spades and wheel barrows to help with clearing the mud and debris. With support from NCA, CWS has been constructing emergency latrines, cleaning wells, installing a water purification unit (WPU) and water bladders, and tankering water in four sub-districts, supplying around 50,000 liters of water a day through 19 distribution points - assisting some 6,500 beneficiaries in all. CWS has also constructed 269 emergency latrines and cleaned 261 wells in 14 villages and distributed 418 tents and 582 tarpaulins.

While the flood waters have receded and the economic and government activities are starting to recover, many internally displaced persons (IDPs) remain in camps unable or too scared to return home. Further support is still needed, CWS Indonesia reports, especially in the areas of water and sanitation and shelter.

While in some sub-districts the local / municipal water network (PDAM) still functions, assistance is also needed to provide clean water and clean the wells which are the main water source for many. Access to latrines is also limited. The floods have also swept away people's livelihoods - their tools, their food stocks, their household assets and, in some cases, their homes and belongings. With their fields covered in mud and all their possessions gone, the flood-affected people in Aceh Tamiang face an uphill battle.

This proposal comprises longer-term water and sanitation and shelter activities being implemented by CWS Indonesia.

RESPONSE: In this response, CWS is assisting 10,325 direct beneficiaries in five sub-districts in Aceh Tamiang District, Aceh Province with the following objectives:

1) To provide access to water supply and sanitation facilities for 4,500 direct beneficiaries in 14 villages in Sekerak, Bandar Pusaka, Kuala Simpang, Kejuruan Muda and Karang Baru sub-districts, Aceh Tamiang District.

2) To provide shelter materials and tents to 953 direct beneficiaries in Sekerak, Tamiang Hulu and Bandar Pusaka sub-districts, Aceh Tamiang District

3) To provide non-food items such as hygiene kits, baby kits, school kits and blankets to 4,872 direct beneficiaries in Sekerak, Rantau and Bandar Pusaka sub-districts, Aceh Tamiang District.

In implementing the activities, the target beneficiaries are involved in the process. CWS believes that by involving the target beneficiaries in the program it will enhance their dignity, sense of belonging to the program, build confidence and self-esteem. The target beneficiaries will be involved in the response's implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

BUDGET: Total budget is $288,960; this includes $109,918 in direct assistance, including health, school and baby kits, during the relief phase; and $265,738 in total direct assistance during the post-crisis phase, which includes water and sanitation projects. Please note: because of the $60,000 pledge from Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) for water and sanitation and shelter, the amount being sought for this appeal is $228,960

Contributions to support these efforts may be sent to your denominations or directly to:
Church World Service INDONESIA(Tamiang, Sumatra) FLOODS, Account #6986, P.O. Box 968 Elkhart, IN 46515
Contributions may also be made by credit card by calling: (800) 297-1516, ext. 222, or online at

CWS Emergency Response Program special contacts: (212) 870-3151

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