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CRWRC building homes for tsunami survivors

Stephanie Tombari, CRWRC Communications
As Canadians question the spending of billions raised for tsunami relief six months after the disaster hit, the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) begins to buy land and build homes in phase II of its long-term rehabilitation plan.

"CRWRC is delivering," says CRWRC Relief Coordinator Jacob Kramer, who has twice visited rehabilitation sites in India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka since December 26. "We have built our temporary houses and are now focusing on permanent housing."

In the Lhoong district of Indonesia, just south of Banda Aceh, CRWRC has scheduled the construction of six pilot homes before the end of June. It is CRWRC's commitment to involving community members in the planning and building of homes that gives our agency the best opportunity to assist.

"CRWRC is working with communities to build houses suitable to local circumstances," says Kramer, who notes that houses will be adapted to meet the needs of their owners, including specific livelihood needs.

Land acquisition is also a large factor in these early days of phase II. In Boossa, Sri Lanka, CRWRC recently secured land for 55 permanent homes as well as a community center. The center will serve a larger population in and around the Boossa area, and serve a holistic purpose in the rehabilitation process as a place for meetings, medical clinics, educational seminars, recreation and trauma counseling.

To schedule an interview with Jacob Kramer, please contact Val Henschel at 905-336-2920, ext. 298. Photos of CRWRC's rehabilitation work are also available upon request.

CRWRC was one of the first relief and development agencies on the scene after the devastation of December 26. Emergency shelters, food and water and medicine were handed out to survivors the very next day by CRWRC staff and partners. CRWRC will continue to provide relief and rehabilitation to the victims over the coming weeks, months and years in India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. CRWRC has been involved in development and relief work for the past 42 years. The agency has existing development, relief and justice programs in India and Indonesia, as well as 28 additional countries in Asia and around the world.

For more information about these programs, please visit or call 1-800-730-3490. CRWR C is a Christian, non-profit organization of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. With a bi-national home office base in Burlington, Ontario and Grand Rapids, MI, CRWRC provides a ministry of development, relief, and justice education to people in need around the world. CRWRC is currently active in 30 countries, and has an international reputation for "helping people help themselves."