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CrisisInSight Weekly Picks, 1 December 2021

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Up to 60,000 people remain internally displaced across West Papua province because of clashes between the military and West Papua Liberation Army since 2018. The low-level conflict has spread to seven regencies: Intan Jaya, Pegunungan Bintang, Mimika, Nduga, Maybrat, Yahukimo, and Puncak. Displacement of over 13,000 people is recorded in West Papua in 2021 alone. The majority of IDPs (around 46,000) are from Nduga regency and have displaced to other regencies. IDPs are mostly staying in temporary shelters or with relatives. Although local humanitarians, particularlyfaith-based organisations,are present and responding, IDPs continue to lack access to food, relief items, basic healthcare, and education, particularly those taking shelter in remote areas in the forest. Presence of security forces and continuing armed clashes are preventing them from returning home.

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Around one million IDPs and returnees in Iraq are missing at least one key identity or civil document, with more than half of them lacking two or more documents. Documents were lost, damaged, confiscated and destroyed during the conflict with Islamic State that ended four years ago. Lack of documentation leaves IDPs and returnees unable to access basic services; subject to movement restrictions, arrest and detention, and undocumented children are at risk of statelessness. Complex administrative and legal processes, insufficient public institutions, costs, limited internet services, and security procedures pose barriers to obtaining documentation. Despite the Iraqi government's attempt to end displacement through a camp closure initiative beginning in 2019, there are around 4.9 returnees and 1.1 million people displaced as at October 2021. Many people remain in protracted displacement due to lack of infrastructure, basic services and livelihoods, insecurity, and lack of community acceptance.

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Intercommunal and tribal violence displaced around 4,300 people from Jebel Moon, West Darfur state, over 17-19 November. At least 43 people were killed and at least 17 people were injured during the clashes. The displaced people fled to the mountains, to villages in West and North Darfur, and many crossed the border into eastern Chad. Rape of women and girls has been reported, and 20 children are reported missing, as well as some adults. More than 45 villages, and crops, food stocks, and cattle were burnt or looted. Humanitarian access to the affected area is limited because of security concerns. Food, shelter, non-food items, water, and health services are urgently needed.

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