CEDIM Forensic Disaster Analysis Group (FDA): Mw 6.9 Earthquake – Lombok, Indonesia 07.08.2018 – Situation Report No. 1 – 00:00 UTC

Situation Report
Originally published


Intensities reached VIII+ on the MMI scale – very well built structures received slight damage. Older buildings suffered great damage. The damage seen corresponds to VII and VII+ and perhaps very isolated VIII locations on the MMI scale. 5 aftershocks > Mw5.0 have occurred, however the foreshock sequence including the Mw6.4 foreshock mean well over 35 magnitude 4 and 5 earthquakes have continued to pepper the region NW and SE of the epicenter, 546 events have been recorded. The fault sense can be seen well from BMKG data. We are currently waiting for more information with respect to ground motions and spectral response. A very small tsunami was expected, and this caused initial issues for evacuation. There exists significant variation in intensities.