Blue Book 2012: EU-Indonesia Development Cooperation 2010/2011

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Jakarta, 2 August 2012
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EU launches 2012 Report on Development Cooperation with Indonesia

Indonesia is a key strategic partner for the European Union (EU). The EU and its Member States, together, provided more than € 500 million(1) to strengthen Indonesia and support the country in its efforts to achieve its development objectives, according to a 2012 report, launched by the EU today (2/8) in Jakarta.

The report depicts how European aid has helped to improve people's lives in Indonesia. This sixth edition focuses on three core values that the EU shares with Indonesia: Development, Diversity and Democracy. It provides the most important facts and figures and highlights stories from a variety of projects.

The EU has a long-standing tradition in promoting sustainable development around the globe and provides over half of the world's official development assistance. In recent years, nine million children have been enrolled in primary education with the help of the EU, whilst 31 million households have been connected to better drinking water and 36,000 km of roads were constructed or maintained.

The report notes that in Indonesia, the EU and its Member States have contributed significantly to achieving sustainable development in areas such as environment and climate change (€ 291.3 million(2)), education (€ 92.6 million), economic development and trade (€ 44.2 million), good governance (€ 29.4 million), health and nutrition (€ 27 million), water and sanitation (€ 24,5 million) and post-disaster reconstruction (€ 13,7 million).

"We need to build modern, outward-looking partnerships with developing and emerging countries that focus on securing inclusive growth and human rights and that seek to create synergies between development cooperation and other policies," said H.E. Julian Wilson, the Head of the EU Delegation to Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam and ASEAN. "The EU and Indonesia have come a long way and in Indonesia the EU has found a strong partner," added Ambassador Wilson.

The EU assistance has touched many lives from junior high school students in Wamena, Papua to traditional farmers in Bali.

“Through the life skill training provided, I gained confidence in my own talents and it makes me want to study more. When the time comes, I will be able to help my family,” said Yulianus, who participates in an EU-funded education and skills training programme. The programme helps avert early school dropout and children vulnerable to child labour return to school.

Nyoman Suwena, a bio-farmer in Bali who received assistance through the Netherlandsfunded programme called BIRU, has used biomass as an alternative source of energy. “Nowadays, everything organic is expensive, but with this programme my community no longer has to pay for fuel or fertilizer ever again,” he said.

In consistency with President Yudhoyono’s pledge of reducing emission to 41% with international support, the EU has scaled up its support to Indonesia in the field of environment and climate change in the period 2010-2011.

Representatives of the Indonesian government and civil society are present during the launch to further elaborate on the challenges faced by Indonesia and the globalised world today in tackling climate change as well as on ways to strengthen development cooperation in this area.

The report is available online at:

The European Union (EU) is a unique economic and political partnership between 27 European countries. It has delivered half a century of peace, stability and prosperity, helped raise living standards, launched a single European currency, and is progressively building a single Europe-wide market in which people, goods, services and capital move freely among its Member States.

In Indonesia, the EU has found a dynamic equal partner who shares its core values of democracy, diversity and development.
As large economies, the EU and Indonesia have much to gain from ever more intensive cooperation. Today, the EU and Indonesia work together in education, environment and climate change, emergency response, justice, trade and investment.

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Christiane Rossbach,
Tioria Silalahi,

(1) The figures reflect the actual disbursements in 2010
(2) The figures reflect the actual disbursements in 2010