Barjarnegara Landslide Update 20 Killed, 15 Survived, 88 Missing

BANJARNEGARA - The search and rescue efforts for landslide victim in Jemblung, Sampang Village, Karangkobar District, Banjarnegara Regency are continued by the joint team. Up until Sunday, 14 December 2014, 06.30 a.m., there are 20 casualties, 11 people with serious injury, 4 minor injury, and 88 persons are missing. From the 20 casualties, 16 have been identified and 4 hasn't been identified. The casualties are not entirely from Karangkobar District, five of them are Kecamatan Pejawaran residents.

Number of refugee reach 577 persons, spread in ten points. These refugees are people from Jemblung Village (200 persons) and from villages nearby (377 persons). The refugees are in need for foods, blankets, sanitations, medicines, clothes, and children clothes.

Today, the search will begin to conducted with heavy equipment. Ministry of Public Works has deployed 10 heavy equipments in places where landslide materials are covering the road. About 1,250 personnels of joint team from BNPB (National Board for Disaster Management)'s quick response team, BPBD (Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency), TNI (National Armed Forces), Polri (National Police), Basarnas (National Search and Rescue Agency), PMI (Red Cross), Tagana (Disaster Response Teams), SKPD (Work Unit Area), NGO, volunteers, and citizens help searching for the victims.