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Asia and the Pacific: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot (31 May - 6 June 2016)

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On 2 June, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck 79 km off the southwestern coast of West Sumatra province at a depth of 72 km.
Authorities reported that the quake damaged a hospital and 912 houses in West Sumatra and Bengkulu provinces.
At least 30 people were injured including some during evacuation. Local governments, the Indonesian Red Cross and NGOs provided assistance to the affected communities.

912 houses damaged


On 1 June, the Bangladesh Humanitarian Coordination Task Team launched a Joint Response Plan seeking US$12 million to provide assistance to over 430,000 people affected by Tropical Storm Roanu.
Roanu made landfall on the southern coast of Bangladesh on 21 May bringing heavy rain, winds of over 100 km/h, and storm surges of up to 2.7 metres.

>430,000 people targeted for assistance


Sporadic incidents of armed conflict and insecurity continue to displace hundreds of families in Mindanao. As of 3 June, at least 500 families (2,900 people) in Butig municipality, Lanao del Sur province fled their homes due to a military operation on a non-state armed group. In a separate incident, insecurity in Pagalungan municipality, Maguindanao province displaced 240 families (1,200 people) on 21 May. Local authorities and humanitarian partners distributed relief packs and medicines in Lanao del Sur.


In western Fiji, many villages remain without electricity after Tropical Cyclone Winston struck in February affecting 40 per cent of the population. As a result of the power outages, many water pumps are not operational and there are renewed requests for emergency water deliveries.
Many of the same villages had already suffered water shortages as a result of El Niño-related dry weather last year and similar dry conditions have now returned.
From March to August, below average rainfall is forecast for Fiji.


In May, an estimated 3,900 people fled their homes following heightened tensions and conflict between armed groups in northern Shan State. As of 3 June, some 3,400 people remain displaced. Authorities and local organizations have provided food and non-food items.

In Buthidaung, Rathedaung, Ponnagyun, and Kyauktaw townships, Rakhine State, about 1,880 people are still displaced following fighting between the Myanmar Military and Arakan Army. Immediate needs are being met by local authorities and civil society. International organizations also provided non-food items as well as water and sanitation support.

5,280 people displaced

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