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Asia and the Pacific: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot (18 - 24 Dec 2018)



On 22 December 2018, at 21:27 local time, a tsunami hit coastal areas along the Sunda Strait in Indonesia. The tsunami is suspected to have been caused by an underwater landslide following eruptions of the Anak Krakatau volcano located in the Sunda Strait. The tsunami impacted Pandeglang and Serang districts in Banten Province and South Lampung and Tanggamus districts in Lampung Province.

281 people dead

As of 24 December 2018, at 07:00 local time, the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) has confirmed that 281 people have been killed, 1,016 people are injured, and 57 people remain missing. An estimated 11,700 people are reportedly displaced.

11,700 people displaced

The tsunami has also damaged 611 houses, 69 hotel and villas, 60 shops, and 420 vessels. These figures are expected to increase as the government’s assessment continues.
BNPB, together with the military, police, the National Search and Rescue Agency (BASARNAS), local government, Ministry of Social Affairs Volunteers (TAGANA), Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), volunteers and the community are providing immediate assistance to those affected.
The Government of Indonesia has not requested international assistance in responding to the situation.


On 21-22 December, heavy rains in Mullaithivu and Killinochchi districts in northern Sri Lanka affected over 44,950 people, damaged 156 houses and displaced 8,539 people.
The Ministry of Disaster Management, District Secretaries and Military are responding to the needs of the affected people and the government has allocated 1 million rupee (US$5,500) per affected district for the provision of emergency needs. NGOs operationing in the affected areas are also providing relief items. As of 23 December, the situation has gradually improved: the weather has improved, with only minor showers expected and approximately one third of the people who were displaced have started to return to their homes.

45,000 people affected


Fighting between the Arakan Army and the Myanmar Military in Rakhine State has displaced almost 2,000 people in four townships since 8 December, including 1,100 people who were displaced in Kyauktaw Township over the weekend, as reported by village administrators. Since then, about 250 people were able to return, leaving some 1,700 people remian displaced. The Rakhine State Government, CSOs and the Red Cross are providing initial assistance to the displaced people. Humanitarian actors are following-up on the situation and possible additional needs.


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