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Asia and the Pacific: Weekly Regional Humanitarian Snapshot (12 - 18 March 2019)

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Heavy rains since 16 March have caused flooding and landslides in nine sub-districts in Sentani District in Papua Province. The national disaster management agency (BNPB) confirmed that 79 people were killed with 43 people missing, 74 people were injured, and more than 4,200 people were displaced, as of 17 March. More than 350 homes and other buildings have been damaged. Some affected areas remain inaccessible and the number of casualties is estimated to increase as search and rescue operations continue. Along with national authorities, the National Red Cross (PMI) and other non-government organizations are providing assistance to people in the affected areas.

A 5.4 magnitude earthquake followed by a 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Province on 17 March 2019. The earthquakes were felt strongly by residents of East Lombok District and were followed by a series of aftershocks.
The earthquakes triggered landslides in Bayan District and in North Lombok District near Tiu Kelep waterfall, killing three people, injuring 182 people, and damaging over 500 homes.


On 11 March, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) conducted operations against the non-state armed group Abu Turayfi in four municipalities in Maguindanao Province.
Military authorities ordered mass evacuations and more than 34,000 people were displaced. Most displaced people are staying with host families.
Two civilians were injured by shrapnel after mortars landed near their home.
According to military authorities, operations in these areas are ongoing.

34,000 people displaced


As of 18 March, close to 106,000 people across 14 provinces who have been affected by flooding that started at the beginning of March, require humanitarian support including food assistance, emergency shelter, NFIs, water and sanitation, and healthcare. To date, 63 people are known to have died and 31 people have been injured. Some 11,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed. The four provinces most severely affected by the floods are Kandahar, Hirat, Hilmand and Farah. As of 14 March, humanitarian partners have reached 43,000 flood-affected people with assistance including foods, tents, shelter kits, hygiene kits, and health assistance.

106,000 people in need of assistance

Some 38,500 people have reportedly been displaced in Balamurghab District, Badghis Province, following a non-state armed group (NSAG) offensive that began on 10 March 2019. The affected people have reportedly been displaced from Akazai, Loodinha, Morichaq and the district administrative centre to surrounding villages within the district.
Humanitarian partners do not have access to the displacement areas due to ongoing clashes and road blockages.
Telecommunication towers are down in Morichaq, disconnecting people on the ground. Some 1,000 people have also been reportedly displaced to the provincial capital, Qala-e-Naw, and to Hirat province. Humanitarian partners are monitoring the situation and assessments are ongoing in Qala-e-Naw.

38,500 people displaced

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