ASEAN Weekly Disaster Update, 4 June – 10 June 2018

from ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance
Published on 10 Jun 2018 View Original

Regional Summary (Week 23)

1) Most of disasters occurred in Week 23 were hydro-meteorological in nature with floods arising from torrential rain brought about by monsoon and tropical depression which occurred last week. 2) On the Philippine Sea front, Tropical Depression #domeng had brought about heavy rainfall to Luzon, Quezon and Davao Regions. It was reported heading north towards Japan. Many cities were affected with classes being suspended and flash floods being reported resulting in disruptions. 3) On the South China Sea end, Tropical Depression #ewiniar brought about heavy rainfall resulting in storms surges and contributing to heavy rain in certain areas as well as resultant landslides and rock fall. 4) Torrential and monsoon rain had resulted in floods in Myanmar mostly affecting states and townships in the northern region. 5) On earthquake activities, in Indonesia, there were 3 earthquakes registered > M 5.0 with intensities reported around II-IV MMI, and none of them resulted in significant damages and casualties (BMKG). Meanwhile, all earthquakes in Philippines reported in Week 23 were registered < M 5.0 and no threats to the population (PHIVOLCS). 6) In the past week, dry conditions brought on by the Southwest Monsoon were observed over many parts of the southern ASEAN region. ASEAN Specialised Meteorological Centre issued Alert Level 1 for dry season of the southern ASEAN region. The prevailing Southwest Monsoon is expected to last till October 2018. Extended periods of drier weather can be expected occasionally, and this can lead to an increase in hotspot activities in the fire-prone areas. 7) All disasters occurred in Week 21 were within the capacity of respective ASEAN Member States.