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ASEAN Weekly Disaster Update, 20 - 26 February 2017

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  • Strong wind accompanied by heavy rain has affected and damaged 82 houses in Pati District, Central Java Province.

  • Continuous rain has triggered flooding in Jakarta and Bekasi last week. The BPBD Jakarta (disaster management authority), reported that flood inundated Cipinang and Kampung Melayu areas where 1,058 people had to be evacuated due to the situation.

  • Subsequently, flood also occurred in Bekasi District, West Java Province. In this incident, about 5,200 people were reportedly affected.

  • Still in West Java Province, flash flood has damaged two bridges and submerged 100 houses in West Bandung District.


  • Torrential rain has caused Baram and Limbang Rivers to overflow. The condition has triggered flooding in Sarawak. Based on the local authority report, 830 people were evacuated and served inside evacuaton centres due to the flood