AHA Centre Flash Update #2: Merapi Volcano Phreatic Eruption, Central Java Province, Indonesia, 12 May 2018

  1. Mount Merapi phreatic eruption occurred on May 11, 2018 at 7:40 pm with 5 minutes of seismic duration. The height of the eruption column reaches 5500 m above the peak (Indonesia Geological Agency PVMBG). The eruption is triggered by accumulation of volcanic gases and is expressed in “NORMAL” levels. No after-eruptions were recorded.

  2. Satellite observations revealed that the volcanic ash had been dispersed towards the Indian Ocean (south of Yogyakarta) as of Friday afternoon.

  3. BNPB advised general public to maintain 5 km safety distance radius from Mount Merapi.

  4. 8,890 residents living near the southern slopes of Mount Merapi who had evacuated have since returned home as the activity subsided.

  5. Peak morphological condition of Mount Merapi is currently prone to landslides, so it is very dangerous for the safety of the climbers.

  6. Attractions within the Mt Merapi National Park are temporarily closed include: Tlogo Muncar and Tlogo Nirwono in Kaliurang, Panguk and Plunyon in Kali Kuning Cangkringan, Sapuangin Deles in Kemalang Klaten, Jurang Jero in Srumbung Magelang and climbing Mount Merapi from Sapuangin and from Selo Boyolali.

  7. PVMBG maintains Alert Level 1 (Normal) for Mount Merapi as volcanic activities returns to normal as of 09.44 UTC+7.

  8. Adisucipto International Airport operations have resumed. Stay tuned to your flight status here (VONA status: Yellow, correct as of 20180511/0810Z or 1510 UTC+7).

  9. AHA Centre is monitoring closely the situation and will provide updates if additional information becomes available