AHA Centre Flash Update #2: Flooding in Sentani, Indonesia – 18 March 2019


• The Head of BNPB, Indonesia’s National Disaster Management Organisation (NDMO), is on site to personally assess the situation and deliver national support to local Governments amounting to over USD 105 thousand.

• Based on the assessment, the emergency situation is the result of the combination of (1) topographic factors, (2) high rainfall in a short time, and (3) environmental impact of human activities. According to the Head of BNPB, the same disaster already happened in the area in 2007, and instructed that this should not happen again in the future.

• BNPB is also carrying out the President’s orders to immediately evacuate victims and to avoid increasing the number of casualties, and to have a reforestation program in headwaters of rivers that feed into Lake Sentani.

• Local Governments together with related agencies, the TNI, and the Indonesian National Police are already making early recovery efforts such as cleaning logs, rocks, debris and other materials with heavy equipment.

• The total impact continues to be increasingly more visible as more and more areas are accessed by emergency teams.

• AHA Centre is continuously monitoring the event for significant developments