AHA Centre Flash Update #1: Merapi Volcano Phreatic Eruption, Central Java Province, Indonesia, 11 May 2018


  1. Mount Merapi phreatic eruption occurred on May 11, 2018 at 7:40 pm with 5 minutes of seismic duration. The height of the eruption column reaches 5500 m above the peak (BG-PVMBG). The eruptions are phreatic (water vapor dominance).

  2. BNPB advised general public to avoid 5 km radius from Mount Merapi.

  3. 70,000 persons are in the immediate vicinity with up to 1.5 million potentially affected.

  4. Residents are advised to wear facemask or N95 if they have respiratory conditions.

  5. Ash fall and rain is expected over the next few days. Residents should also take note if there are lahars which may disrupt roads. northwest bound wind prevails over the Merapi with likely light precipitation

  6. PVMBG maintains Alert Level 1 (Normal) for Mount Merapi as volcanic activities returns to normal as of 09.44 UTC+7.

  7. Adisucipto International Airport is temporarily closed (VONA status: Red, correct as of 20180511/0140Z). See volcano ash movement forecast in image below.

  8. AHA Centre is monitoring closely the situation and will provide updates if additional information becomes available Volcano Ash Movement Forecast Forecast Time: 2016/ 05/ 11 03:30 UTC