ADRA and Water Mission Partner to Deliver Safe Water to Pombewe, Indonesia: Communities in the hardest hit regions are being served through this collaboration

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N. Charleston, South Carolina – November 1, 2018 – Water Mission, a nonprofit Christian engineering organization based in North Charleston, has collaborated with the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) to fund and install four Living Water Treatment Systems – Water Mission’s patented filtration solution – that will serve up to 20,000 people per day. After site investigations and assessments, the community of Pombewe is the first to have a Living Water Treatment System installed. “ADRA is pleased to work with Water Mission.

The level of expertise Water Mission brought in emergency and technical capacity managing and maintaining water activities made it possible for the Pombewe community to receive safe drinking water,” says Jason Brooks, senior technical advisor for Water and Sanitation at ADRA. “ADRA continues to work closely with Water Mission, and together devote time and effort to helping those impacted by disasters internationally with compassion and technical excellence.” “Water Mission is grateful for the partnership with ADRA which demonstrates our combined commitment to empowering those in need with safe water,” said Mark Baker, Director of Disaster Response for Water Mission. “While communities mourn the loss of loved ones and begin the painful process of rebuilding, access to safe water is absolutely critical and we are excited to be working with ADRA to meet these needs during this difficult time.” Water Mission is prepared to send additional equipment to Indonesia as needed and as resources are available. Donations to the organization’s Indonesia disaster response can be made at Supporters can also create their own fundraising campaigns to help the people of Indonesia. One hundred percent of donations will be restricted to the Indonesia disaster response. Stay tuned for updates on Water Mission’s response at, @water_mission (Twitter and Instagram), and @WaterMissions (Facebook).

Latest Response Timeline and Background from ADRA

• Background: ADRA Indonesia has been in the country since 1982 and is headquartered in the capital, Jakarta. To date, there are nine full-time staff members and 100 trained volunteers who provide needed support in response to natural disasters. Additionally, since October 3, 10 emergency response team members have been deployed so far to assist in the Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami response. ADRA Indonesia has partnerships with 21 church missions and conferences in Indonesia to enable rapid needs assessments and establish coordination with local authorities.

• October 4: ADRA began a water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) project in Pombewe to reach over 6,400 households with water systems, hygiene promotion, and safe containers for household-level water transportation and storage.

• October 11: ADRA began distributing shelter kits to 3,000 households in Palu and Donggala.
Relief efforts to distribute kits are ongoing.

• October 14: ADRA provided tarpaulins for 1,000 families.

• November 1: ADRA began distributing 3,550 shelter kits, installed 250 toilet and water systems, and distributed food packages to over 3,800 families and hygiene kits to over 2,500 families at camp sites for internally displaced and affected communities, serving over 5,000 households in Donggala and the Sigi regency. ADRA is also supporting over 380 families to regain their livelihoods.

• Ongoing: ADRA continues to deliver much needed food assistance and WASH projects, and is strongly looking to help communities setup transitional shelters.