ACT Situation Report: South and south east Asia/Indonesia 2205

Information provided by ACT members in Indonesia: Yayasan Tanggul Benkana Indonesia (YTBI), CD Bethesda/YAKKUM Emergency Unit (YEU) and Church World Service Indonesia (CWS). Activities cover the period of July 1-15, 2005. Information compiled by the information officers of the ACT coordination offices in Jakarta and Medan.

General situation

Aceh peace talks

The fifth round of talks between the Free Aceh Movement, GAM, and the government of Indonesia has ended. The reaction was mixed in the House of Representatives to the draft peace deal signed by the government and GAM, with some legislators questioning GAM's main demand to establish a local political party in the province.

BRR (Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Agency for Aceh and Nias) Nias policy

The following are official decisions taken by the authorities in Nias :

- Reconstruction of permanent buildings in Gunung Sitoli has been suspended until a new city plan is finalized, which is expected in August.

- BRR has proposed the creation of a standard housing kit to be used by all reconstruction agencies to promote coherence and avoid disparities among targeted community members.

- In response to the projected shortage of construction materials in Indonesia (in particular, timber and cement), BRR will request permission from the national authorities to import such materials. BRR's proposed resource chain would include the setup of a logistics platform in the international harbor of Sabang in Aceh province and boat access to Nias (Gunung Sitoli, Lahewa, Sirombu, Teluk Dalam).

- All NGOs should register their programs and the locations where they will work to avoid duplicating work. BRR will regularly update the lists of approved programs.

Members' activities



Banda Aceh: YEU provided health services to 410 patients in Ruyung, Bukit Soeharto, Ujung Padang, Tungkop, Beureunut, Tanah Merah, Kayu Jati, Malahayati, Lampanah, Darussaidin, Lamroh, Blang Ulam and Brandeh.

Nias: YEU provided health services to 500 patients in eight locations in and outside Gunung Sitoli. YEU also weighed 138 children under five years of age in four locations. The results of the measurement are as follows: 31 children (22%) classified as having poor nutrition status and 49 children (36%) classified as being malnourished. In order to fulfill the nutritional needs, YEU provided supplementary feeding to 339 children under five years old, 19 pregnant mothers and 34 breastfeeding mothers in five villages.


Banda Aceh: CWS conducted wet feeding to 160 children in two locations. CWS also conducted training for 272 mothers in five locations on themes such as malnourishment, food hygiene and sanitation, malaria and dengue fever and child development. Furthermore, CWS conducted IDP assessments and data cross-checking of children under five years of age, lactating mothers and pregnant women in one location in Aceh Besar. The assessment is aimed at an imminent distribution of HKI (Helen Keller International) products.

Nias: CWS held a two-day needs assessment and discussions with community leaders in three locations in Gunung Sitoli regarding imminent health and nutrition and water and sanitation interventions in these locations. CWS also met with the midwives to discuss possibilities of conducting training in health, sanitation and nutrition.

Meanwhile, CWS carried out further assessments in another five locations in Sirombu, followed by focus-group discussions in which CWS introduced its forthcoming health and nutrition program. Insufficient water supply and contaminated water sources were reported in several locations as well as scarce shelter in one location. The community members are willing to work jointly, however, in collecting money to improve the water facilities in the worst-affected areas. CWS has brought the plan of a community-based health and nutrition program in these locations to the chiefs of the health posts in the relevant areas, who have approved the plan. CWS will conduct training for cadres in the locations prior to implementing the program. The team is coordinating with the Nias health district office on the design of a forthcoming supplementary feeding program in Gunung Sitoli and Mainland Sirombu.


Nias: YTBI's partner (BPB PGID), in cooperation with Norwegian Lutheran Mission, provided health services to IDPs in one camp. Each day 45 to 50 people came to the clinic. Most of the patients were children. BPB identified the main diseases in the area as skin conditions, cough and malaria. Lack of environmental sanitation and the fact that some IDPs were still sleeping outside on plywood were identified as causes.

Livelihood recovery


Nias: YEU continues to assist groups of fishermen and women in Nias by channeling revolving funds to them.


Banda Aceh: CWS, with the assistance of two representatives from Komisi Perempuan Indonesia (a local NGO working with women's rights), facilitated a training session for CWS's own staff as well as for six CWS partners (including YEU and MCC) on "Gender Awareness and Prevention of Sexual and Gender-based Violence/Abuse."

CWS is coordinating with Panglima Laot, a local organization, on deployment of fishing boats for the fishermen in Meuraxa sub-district (Banda Aceh).

CWS has received a request from the Institution for Social, Economic and Environmental Development for the replacement of another 20 boats for 40 fishermen in Syiah Kuala sub-district and from one of the CBOs in Sukamakmur sub-district for financial support in procurement of tools for their furniture business, aiming to cover 25 households.

Meulaboh: CWS distributed seven sewing machines to KUMPU, a women's tailoring group in Johan Pahlawan sub-district, as well as 23 becaks (local pedi-cabs). In addition, CWS conducted joint area assessments with its local partner, Papan, in three locations in Nagan Raya sub-district.

Nias: CWS is coordinating with village leaders, community members and local NGOs in its preparations for an imminent livelihood program covering the areas of Sirombu, Gunung Sitoli, Mandrehe, Tuhemberua and South Nias. Several assessments have also been conducted in order to identify and determine areas and targeted beneficiaries for forthcoming livelihood interventions in Gunung Sitoli Municipality.

Material aid and food


Nias: YEU distributed 400 hygiene kits in two locations in Tugala Gawu and Tegideu. YEU is also involved in the distribution of one dozen pairs of pants for children in Tetesua.


Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar: CWS distributed relief items to 2,435 beneficiaries in nine locations of Aceh Besar and Banda Aceh. The relief items were relief kits, school kits, children's kits, baby kits, tents, health kits, mattresses, blankets and tents.

Meulaboh: CWS distributed 582 relief kits packages to a total of 2,414 beneficiaries (690 households) in three locations in Johan Pahlawan sub-district in Aceh Barat. In addition, 5,100 liters of kerosene has been distributed to a total of 1,020 households in six locations in Meurebo sub-district and in one location in Johan Pahlawan. Also, six tents and 12 tarpaulins have been distributed to 24 beneficiaries (six households) in one location in Meurebo. In addition, CWS conducted data cross-checking of the residents in Padang Sirahit Village, who will be moved to Tanjong Harapan Camp where additional tents and platforms will be set up for them.

Nias: CWS distributed 891 non-food-item (NFI) packages and jerry cans to a total of 4,107 beneficiaries (891 households) in five locations in Gunung Sitoli. Also, CWS collected IDP data for potential distribution of family tents and NFI packages to 12 families whose houses were totally destroyed in the quake of March 28.


Banda Aceh: YTBI's partner (HKBP) distributed relief supplies to 50 households of IDPs in Banda Aceh.

Meulaboh: On July 6, after negotiations, YTBI officially ended its partnership with West South Humanitarian Relief Centre (WS-HRC). WS-HRC was a partner of YTBI in relief distribution on the west coast of Aceh (Aceh Barat, Aceh Jaya, Nagan Raya). In addition, YTBI has changed the structure for program implementation. YTBI now directly controls the WS-HRC volunteers in relief distribution.

Teunom: YTBI's partner (Walhi) distributed relief items to IDPs in 15 locations of Aceh Jaya in the midst of gun fighting in the locations.

Nias: YTBI's partner (BPB-PGID) distributed food relief to villages in Mandrehe. In addition, YTBI has updated the criteria for relief recipients. The recipients are people whose houses are totally damaged, widows, orphaned children, pregnant women, people who suffer from chronic illness, the elderly and babies. YTBI has assigned new volunteers to conduct an assessment based on the new criteria.

Water and sanitation


Banda Aceh: YEU is still focusing on the rehabilitation of toilets in Kayu Jati and bathrooms in Darussaidin. A YEU water and sanitation team also rehabilitated a path to Blang Ulam that was badly damaged.

Nias: YEU distributed five platoon tents to Tureloto and delivered building materials to Onolimbu Raya. YEU also monitored the construction of bathrooms and toilets in Moawo village. In addition, YEU conducted monitoring and assessments in several locations in Nias.


Banda Aceh: The foundation of the hall in the community health center in Krueng Kala Camp in Lhoong has been laid, and installation of water pipes in the camp continues. The pole stand for the house prototype in Trieng Gading (Pidie) is now in place.

Meulaboh: CWS distributed 86,000 liters of clean water per day to 7,813 beneficiaries. A CWS water-purification plant in Rantau Panjang produces 130,000 liters per day and transports water to 26 distribution points with trucks operated by CWS and ACT member Norwegian Church Aid. Meanwhile, PDAM's pipeline (the municipal water works) continues its distribution of 35,000 liters of water per day, covering around 1,500 people in addition to other existing pipelines.

CWS has brought water samples from seven boreholes to BTKL (Balai Tehnik Kesehatan Lingkungan/The Environment Health Technique Hall) Depkes in Medan for further analysis and recommendations. Meanwhile, one borehole in Panggong has been rehabilitated, and an electric water pump has been installed. The team is coordinating with the representatives of Satkorlak (Executive Coordination Unit for Tsunami Relief) and the Bupati Office regarding provision of further water and sanitation facilities in Nagan Raya, as well as with the community members in some locations in Johan Pahlawan regarding construction of a communal hydrant tank with water supply from a borehole next to a mosque. The mosque leaders have agreed to take responsibility for the maintenance of the tank, and the foundation is currently being established.

Nias: CWS carried out a water and sanitation needs assessments and data cross-checking in three locations. In addition, CWS identified water resources and discussed provision of additional latrines in one of the locations.

Psycho-social activities


Nias: In an area surrounding the outposts, YEU provided mental-health services that included such activities as table tennis and football. In Sirombu, the team monitored the psychological development of clients. Patients are still experiencing trauma due to frequent aftershocks. Activities in Onolimbu Raya were discussions, singing and others with the women and children. In Tugala Gawu, YEU observed and assessed the psychological problems of the community. YEU trainers continued training and capacity building for the mental-health cadres.


Banda Aceh: CWS conducted two early-childhood development training sessions for women in one location in Banda Aceh. Women from eleven camps participated in the training. In addition, CWS organized FEAT (fun and educational activities in tents) activities and supplementary feeding two to three times per week for a total of 874 children in three locations in Aceh Besar and in one location in Banda Aceh. The activities included, among others, creative paper games, story telling, dancing, body painting as well as supplementary feeding with assistance from four volunteers and some of the children's mothers.

Meulaboh: CWS distributed cooking utensils to support FEAT and supplementary-feeding activities, which took place in four locations in Aceh Barat, covering 354 children in the age groups of 0 to 15, 3 to 15 and 4 to 14. Three volunteers and mothers of some of the children assisted with the activities. In addition, CWS facilitated a training session on early childhood development for CWS FEAT volunteers at the Diklat office in Lapang. CWS introduced to 45 mothers in Tzu Chi Camp, Kuta Padang the objectives of CWS's early child development program - "MADU" (Mencerdaskan Anak Dini Usia).


Aceh Barat: YTBI's local partner (WALHI North Sumatra) facilitated volleyball activities in three locations.

Medan: YTBI's partner (PGI North Sumatera) held a recreation activity for around 200 IDPs (parents and children) at Dewi Park in Sibolangit, 45 km south of Medan. The event involved 11 counselors and was aimed at decreasing the IDPs' trauma. In addition, PGI North Sumatera also conducted training for kindergarten teachers. This training will take place for six months.

Nias: YTBI's partner (BPB PGID) formed a youth vocal group in Sisarihili II and provided them with a guitar. In addition, BPB PGID Nias, in cooperation with Norwegian Lutheran Mission, held weekly church services for Christian IDPs.

YTBI's partner (Yayasan Handal Mahadhika) is preparing an informal education program for children. This program will provide rehabilitation for mentally affected children.



Banda Aceh: The construction of the seventh and eighth houses in Kayu Jati is ongoing. The YEU shelter team also filled and submitted a report to BRR to complete the data for housing built in Aceh.

Networking and external relations


YEU attended the BRR information sectoral meeting in Banda Aceh and a hygiene sectoral meeting in Banda Aceh.


- attended a working group on livelihood recovery chaired by the UN Development Program.

- attended the BRR housing working group meeting in Nias. The meeting was attended by other international agencies such as ACTED, CRS, DIS, the French Red Cross, IFRC, VEM-BNKP and UN-OCHA, among others.

- joined with three Mennonite Central Committee SALT (Serving And Learning Together) program participants.

- observed CWS tsunami-response activities in the field. The observation took place for three days.


- joined a coordination meeting with local NGOs at the Holi'ana'a Foundation office.

- attended a coordination meeting at World Vision's office to share information about the post-earthquake rehabilitation program in Nias.

- met with Oxfam Great Britain in Nias to discuss the possibility of cooperating in Nias on both short- and long-term programs. This meeting was also attended by YTBI local partner BPB PGID Nias.

ACT Coordination

The ACT Medan office met with two editors in order to establish relations with media. The office also met with Jaya Arjuna, M.Sc, North Sumatra Regional Coordinator of Transparency International Indonesia.

Regional coordination

The ACT Medan office held the sixth regional coordination meeting on July 8 in Brastagi, 64 km south of Medan. There were productive discussions between the implementing members on a number of issues, including the need for a joint statement regarding the use of legal sources of lumber in house construction, and the importance of all three ACT members sharing complete financial and narrative reports with each other prior to the monthly coordination meetings.

ACT regional coordination staff members facilitated and participated in a Sphere orientation and training in Medan (July 12) and Banda Aceh (July 14).

ACT staff held a two-day outing to Lake Toba and the surrounding area in order to encourage team building. Ten of the eleven staff members in the Medan office participated.
Rebecca Young, ACT regional coordinator, and Jannerson Girsang, ACT information officer, spent six and four days, respectively, in Nias to monitor the progress of partner programs on the island. During the visit, they held coordination meetings with all ACT implementing partners. In addition, they met with Willy Syahbandar, Nias Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (BRR) Chief in Gunung Sitoli, Nias. At the meeting, they were accompanied by Andrew Clayton, Southeast Asia regional manager and Anthony Morton King, both from ACT member Christian Aid, and Leo Sambo, CWS team leader from Nias.

On July 13, the ACT Medan office facilitated a Nias-area coordination meeting. The meeting was held at the CWS office in Nias and attended by all ACT implementing members. In addition, representatives from Christian Aid and an Australian Lutheran World Federation consultant, Ken Semmler, attended the meeting as observers. Coordination at every level is very important to encourage partners in implementing their work together.

National Coordination

Kirsi Brolen, assistant program officer from the ACT Coordinating Office in Geneva visited Indonesia (July 1-7) to discuss the development and clarification of ACT coordination in Indonesia. She conducted a briefing and debriefing with the ACT offices and ACT implementing members' directors in Jakarta and Medan.

Sjoerd van Schooneveld (former ACT national coordinator in Jakarta) visited Jakarta to introduce Dirk Loendersloot as the new tsunami desk officer in ACT members Kerkinactie/ICCO. Dirk conducted a briefing with the ACT coordination staff (July 6), and a debriefing with the ACT coordination and implementing members' directors (July 15).

The coordination staff conducted a Sphere orientation workshop in Medan on July 12 for 25 participants and in Banda Aceh on July 14 for 20 participants. The participants were from ACT coordination in Indonesia and the implementing members. The workshops were facilitated by Mr. H. Iskandar Leman of Oxfam International USA.

A representative of the Embassy of Finland visited ACT members' programs in the field in Meulaboh on July 14-15.


Christian Aid's Andrew Clayton and Anthony Morton King also visited the ACT Medan office and Nias and Banda Aceh. They visited YEU, CWS and YTB projects in Sirombu and LPAM (Nias) and met with in them in Banda Aceh.

Dirk Loendersloot from Kerkinactie visited the ACT Medan office meeting with Rebecca Young, ACT regional coordinator. In addition, Dirk met with ACT members in Medan and Meulaboh.

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