ACT Indonesia Forum Preparing To Respond If Bali’s Mt. Agung Volcano Erupts

from Church World Service
Published on 02 Oct 2017 View Original

Since September 22nd, Mt. Agung on Indonesia’s Bali island has shown increased volcanic activity, prompting the government to order the evacuation of around 75,000 people living nearby. Today, ACT Indonesia Forum members YEU (YAKKUM), ICCO-Cooperation and Lutheran World Relief are on the ground in Bali assessing the situation to identify possible gaps in the assistance said to be planned by government agencies and local churches in anticipation of further displacement. The ACT Alliance has issued an Alert for this emergency.

At this time volcanologists are saying that an eruption is more probable than not, which means that people already displaced will have a long wait, and possibly a protracted displacement, before they can return to their homes. The ACT Indonesia Forum is therefore preparing a support Appeal for funds to address critical identified needs.

CWS staff are monitoring the situation and are ready to respond together with the other ACT Indonesia Forum members.

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