Aceh Tsunami Response Programme Situation Report No. 5, 5 May 2005

Oxfam is currently present in 6 locations in Aceh, with 456 staff ( 405 national + 51 international):

- Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar, based in the central office in Banda Aceh;

- Aceh Barat, based in Meulaboh and with a sub-office in Arongan;

- Lamno and its surroundings, in Aceh Jaya district;

- Calang and its surroundings, in Aceh Jaya district;

- East Coast, based in Lhokseumawe with a sub-office in Sigli.

- Nias Island based in Gunungsitoli

1. Weekly Highlights

- The Cash For Work program is in its second round in Calang with a total beneficiary population of over 4200 people

- Public Health Promotion workshop was held at the Samudra barrack camp on the East Coast this week. 60 women attended the workshop.

- 1100 people benefitted directly from the Cash For Work activities carried out in the two villages of Kuala and Blang Cut on the East Coast

2. Brief operational update per project area

Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar

- This week four teams constructed 84 wells, 386 latrines and 234 bathing units. They also rehabilitated 818 wells, 47 latrines and 100 bathing units. Drainage cleaning was conducted in 7 sites

- The North Team are now covering 22 returnee sites (previously 21), with work completed on 5 (x2) latrine units making a total of 90 single latrine spaces. 40 wells were decontaminated making a total of 302. The number of bathing areas has now increased from 25 to 27.

- The Central Team are working in 28 locations and have constructed 4 new latrines units and 2 bathing areas. In addition, 64 wells were decontaminated and 1 existing borehole in Alue Deah Teungoh was rehabilitated this week.

- The South West Team are working in 25 villages (previously 23) and have installed a 6000 litre Trucking Bladder and decontaminated 10 wells in Lam Asan.

- 5 wells have been decontaminated in Jeneu and 2 in Mon Ikeun. 17 wells were decontaminated this week bringing the total to 234.

- 1 unit of bathing completed in Lamsenia making total of 6 bathing.

- The Public Health Engineers' team for Pulo Aceh is currently working in 11 villages and have collected and disposed of solid waste from 33 sites this week. 29,492 people in 65 sites were supplied with 1,419,000 litres of water.

- The amount of water trucked in April is 5,773,000 ltrs (w/e 30th Apr in 65 sites this reporting period) bringing the total to 14,095,497 ltrs.

- 575 people are involved in Cash for Work (236 Female + 339 Male) in 10 villages, working an average of 5 days.

- There are 144 people involved in livelihood recovery (122 female and 22 male) with 7 livelihood activities in Gampong Baru, 8 in Lampaya and 1 in Lamreh, including husbandry, selling fish, running a small coffee shop etc.

- Four villages( Meunasah Mesjid, Meunasah Ba'u, Deah Mamplam, and Lubok) are supplied by Oxfam with household and hygiene kits, including items such as jerry cans, male underwear, torches, batteries and cooking stoves for more than 110 people.

- This week Oxfam distributed 446 tents to 19 villages . In 2 other villages Oxfam also supplied the materials for building the community centre such as timber, zinc, nails, wires, generators, lamps, and a sound system (amplifier, mike, speaker, wire, etc).

Aceh Jaya (Lamno Programme)

- Water trucking continues with 26 bladders and three water trucks delivering over 120,000 litres a day

- Additional pump station built to maintain the pump water. Currently flow is around 40m3/day

- Thames Jaya WTP under Oxfam management is pumping 90m3/day.

- 181 wells in 6 returnee areas cleaned: 53 in Alue Mie , 3 in Jangeut, 20 in Lamtui, 45 in Lhut, 30 in Teumaremin and 30 in Meunasah Rayeuk.

- There were 3 wells built for each latrine location Babah Dua, except for 2 areas where a water collection with a concrete ring was built.

- 20 latrines and septic tank are being constructed in Babah Dua (4 latrines), Meunasah Rayeuk (4 latrines), Meunasah Tutong (4 Latrines), Meunasah Teungoh (4 latrines), and Alue Mie (4 Latrines).

- 32 latrines and septic tank are being constructed in Mns Rayeuk (2 latrines), Mukhan (12 latrines), Nusa (4 Latrines) and Tuemarem (12 latrines).

- 24 septic tanks emptied since the last reporting period.

- A further 220 Non Food Items kits have been distributed in 4 villages

- Working with a local NGO, Oxfam expects to replant 25 km of coastline with five varieties of mangroves.

Aceh Jaya (Calang Programme)

- The construction of four semi-permanent latrine units is underway in Rigah.

- Approx US$ 30,000 paid out for CFW this week. The total CFW beneficiary population is approximately 4200

- The distribution of 600 sets of female underwear (panties, bras and gilbab) on Thursday in Rigah to around 300 women proved a great success.

- Newspaper pipeline has been reinstated very successfully with deliveries arriving three times per week

Aceh Barat (includes Meulaboh)

- Two new tankers have commenced work and a total volume of 3,150,000litres of water has been delivered.

- In the past week 5 wells have been cleaned and 84 latrines emptied

- There are 20 latrines each being constructed in Lapang II and Peurembe. In eleven locations in Samatiga work is being carried out on the construction of facility sets. In one location rehabilitation of existing facilities is being carried out. At Penaga Cut, Gunong Kleng and Langung the construction of 3 unit facility sets (2 male, 2 female facilities each) has started. Work in ongoing for construction of 3 unit facility sets in Periebu dusun Rundeng, Meureubo and Keub dusun

Serumpuh, for a 4 unit facility set at Keub dusun Kota Tengah and a 2 unit facility set in Sineubok Lung.

- We currently have 2,100 people involved in 13 Cash For Work projects

- Four projects in land clearing were finished. One in Ujong Beusa (Arongan) 75 people, one in Suak Kemudei with 66 people and two projects in Rantu Panjang (Meureubo) with local partner Muhammidiyah involving 300 people. One new clearing project started this week in Cot plueh (Samatiga) with 157 people.

East coast (Pidie, Bireuen, Aceh Utara, Lhokseumawe)

- 100 wells have been cleaned this week

- Oxfam continued to tanker water to the T-11 tanks stationed at Keuniree and Daya Tuha Baraks. The current tankering volume is approximately 45 000 litres per day

- Cash for Work activities were carried out in two villages of Kuala and Blang Cut in Blang Mangat SubDistrict in Lhokseumawe District. 110 persons are benefiting directly from the scheme in the two villages for ten days, which will continue in to next week.

- Temporary shelter kits were distributed to 71 households in Kampung Lama in Samudra Sub-District. 78 households are expected to benefit from the ongoing distribution at Kuta Krueng Village in Samudera Sub-District.


- The team installed a T45 and T11 at Mowawo as part of a four-way co-operation between PDAM, PU, Armata Kariaya and Oxfam to open a second water production facility in the north of Gunungsitoli.

- There are 16 water trucks delivering to 72 locations in Gunungsitoli, and 3 trucks in Lahewa delivering to 42 locations.

- Work continued in Awa'ay to repair the town water supply, which should be completed in the next two weeks. Installation of the new design Pre-fab Oxfam Knock-down pour flush latrine has started.

- Around 400 shelter boxes were distributed through 3 partners.

- Training was completed by the team on gender and sexploitation issues.

3. Partners update

- 135 proposals accepted, 46 funded, 20 processed and 10 rejected

- Three new partnerships agreement have been signed for media recovery with Dutch base NGO (Free Voice), information and communication transparency for participation with Medan base NGO (Sabda) and community development/livelihood recovery/watsan in Pidie with Banda Aceh base NGO (Yasindo

- Meulaboh office has completed partnership with one organisation on cash for work that has been going on for 3 months. Another partnership with 3 additional partners are underway with 2 on cash for works and one for livelihood recovery.

- Two NGOs in Lhokseumawe has submitted proposal for potential partnership in livelihood recovery activities. Partnership with NGO that worked on body evacuation has been completed in Lamno.

4. Background information on Oxfam work in Aceh

Oxfam worked in Aceh from 2000 to 2003 and retuned to the province in late December 2004 to respond to the tsunami disaster. In the immediate aftermath of the tsunami, our teams provided relief assistance to the population living in IDP settlements in the form of non-food items distribution (such as hygiene kits) and implementation of water and sanitation facilities and public health promotion. Whereas this is still in place, the focus of the work has shifted to supporting IDPs return to their villages. Besides providing water and sanitation support in returnee communities (water tanking, cleaning wells, building latrines), we develop cash for work projects and support livelihoods recovery. Oxfam is also supporting IDPs' living in host communities and has set up water supply systems in 6 temporary living centres (5 on the East Coast and 1 in Aceh Besar).

Through a partners support and liaison unit set up within Aceh Programme, Oxfam also supports local and national organisations to ensure that they are active in the assistance to those in need and that they participate in the recovery of Aceh. Their activities range from basic health care and education to livelihoods and community participation in decision-making process for Aceh recovery and rehabilitation plan. Partners programme area cover Medan in North Sumatra province Aceh Besar, Banda Aceh, Aceh Barat and Nagan Raya on the West Coast, Pidie, Bireun, Aceh Utara and the island of Nias.

Since the start of the programme, Oxfam:

- currently has over 165,000 beneficiaries over 6 areas - Aceh Besar, Aceh Jaya (Lamno), Aceh Jaya (Calang), Aceh Barat (Meulaboh), Nias and the East Coast (Pidie, Bireuen, Aceh Utara and Lhokseumawe)

- Reached over 142,000 beneficiaries with daily water trucking deliveries.

- Benefiting more than 29,379 people through cash for work projects in Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Aceh Jaya and Aceh Barat. Apart from the cash, the groups participating in the projects also receive the tools. The average daily payment of cash for work is 35-40,000 Rupiah per person per day.

- Distributed shelter materials to over 4,565 households to facilitate the construction temporary shelters.

- Spent over 358,000 USD on non-food items that are been distributed in Banda Aceh, Aceh Besar, Aceh Barat and Aceh Jaya. Most of the items are bought either in the project areas or in Medan.

- Funded over 40 local and national organisations. The support includes funding to re-establish their operational capacity hiring new offices and buying equipment), funding to programmes as well as capacity building. Thus far, 6,943,120 (800,000 USD) have been granted to these organisations.

- Oxfam is now reaching over 30,000 beneficiaries across Nias with assistance, which includes; water, sanitation, food, shelter and the distribution of non-food items. Machinery tools transport information

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